Thursday, June 30, 2011

Swimming at Grandma's

 These are from Saturday when we went swimming up in Kaysville for the afternoon.  The kids had so much fun playing with cousins!
 Kaley, Elyzabeth and Lolee - It's crazy to me how much Lo and Bells look alike!

 These two love to sit on Grandpa's mow mow.  

I just love all our little people we have running around!  Here's a few of them eating their cookies.  :)

Last T-Ball Game

 Tuesday night was Kaley's last T-Ball game.  We had Wendy's for dinner as a picnic before.  :)

 It was so stinkin' hot, we actually sat in the shade!  :)  My kids looked like rag-muffins by the end of the day.  Poor Bella's hair was a mess!  

 Here we go Kaley!  Here we go!

Comin' into HOME!  :)

Way to go Kaley!  We loved watching you play T-Ball this season!

FHE - Seven Peaks

 This week for Family Night, we went to Seven Peaks.  It was so packed, but we had fun!  The kids loved going down the little slides.  

 Kaley's splash!

 Thomas' splash!
We are just loving our passes this year!  

Linz' Shower

 Saturday, we had a Bridal Shower for Linz!  We are SO thrilled she is getting married!  We had a blast shopping for a gift for this girl!  :)  We loved that almost every gift came in a special Pink Bag.  

What a party!  Linz is clearly excited to be getting married too!  :) 

Backyard Bugs and Balls

 The boys discovered a rolly poly bug the other day, and had some fun playing with it.  Thomas was so cute showing Jace how to let the bug crawl on his arm.  They are the greatest little friends already!  So glad they have each other for brothers!

 Sophie has watched most of Kaley's T-Ball games and has quite the grasp on how the whole thing works.  :)  I love watching her put the ball on the T, and then whacking it (usually backwards).  She cracks me up!

 Thomas was also teaching Jace how to play basketball.  I just love how sweet they are together.  I hope they always stay this way!  

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Water fun!

 The kids are really starting to realize it is Summer!  They love to spend the day in their swim suits every day!  I figure, maybe that is one less outfit I will have to wash every day!  :)  We are loving playing in the water and having fun with friends.  

 Thursday last week, I braved Seven Peaks by myself with the kids.  WE HAD A BLAST!  When we pulled into our parking spot, Kaley said that she had a tooth that was ready to come out.  I just told her to do what she had to do, if she needed to pull it out, that was fine.  Then, she handed me the tooth and said, "Here you go Mom!"  I had to laugh and take a picture!  This girl cracks me up!  It is the bottom tooth right by her middle finger.  
 I got a great deal on life jackets for all the kids, and the LOVE wearing them!  Hooray!   

 This was Jace and Sophie's first time there!  They loved it!  They just held my hands the whole time.  It was so much fun!

 Me and the babes taking a break for a snack.  :)

 Then, that afternoon, we went over to some friends' house to play in the water some more!  Yea for Summer, and Yea for friends!

 BFFs Hanny and Kaley
 Sophie and Ava - it doesn't get much cuter than these two girls!

 Max and Thomas 
 Hannah, Bells, Kaley and Jake
Ava, Soph, and Jace

What a FUN Summer day!  We look forward to MANY more!