Sunday, December 11, 2016

Kaley's 12th Birthday!

This girl is 12!!!!  It all happened so fast!  I really can't believe it!  Just like that, she is going to Young Womens with me, wearing mascara, and shaving her legs!  Here are some highlights from her special week!  
Birthday morning opening presents!

 I just LOVE this sign we created for birthdays!  

 Kaley wanted cookies and ice cream for her birthday treat!

 12 is a party year, but we told Kaley it was going to be a little different.  So we took a few of her best friends ice skating!  It was SO fun!  The girls laughed and fell over and over and over!  

Kaley has some pretty decent sized bruises on her knees and legs to prove she was out there skating her heart out!  For a first timer out there, I thought she did really well!  

I just love this girl!  She is my right-hand, my best babysitter, fashion consultant, big sister, super cleaner, thoughtful, oldest child. I'm not sure how I got to be her mother, but I sure am glad that I am!  

Sunday, December 04, 2016

Thomas' Wax Museum

In the 5th grade, the kids learn about a famous person who influenced US History, and then present their work in the form of a wax museum.  Thomas chose to be Thomas Edison.  He did all the work himself!  I love all the thought and time he put into this project!  I made him a bow tie for the costume, and he was set!  I thought he looked SO handsome!!!  Such a stud!

 The whole grade performs for the parents!  They sing songs and recite the 50 states.  It really is cute! 


We had a great start to basketball season this year!  We split the kids up so that not all 5 of them would be playing at the same time.  Jace and Sophie did the Fall session of Little Hoopsters - our last session of it ever! 
Soph was a super star!  She loved this season!  There was one game that she scored 11 baskets!  She is pretty tall, and could get those rebounds!  She is getting better at her ball control too.  Pretty cute, sporty little lady, if you ask me!  

 Thomas has decided that basketball is "IT" for him, so we signed him up for a team outside of city league - a first for us!  It is called Mr. Basketball.  He was on a team with coaches we already knew, and boys he was already friends with.  I think it was a good experience!  He learned a TON!  It was WAY different than city league - they had real refs and real rules!  His team did good - they didn't win every game, but they didn't lose every game either!  ;) There are not very many pictures of T's games because I was too busy watching!  ;)

 Jace loved his season too!  He is getting better at getting in there and going for it!  I loved watching him play!  I noticed during one of his games that he has grown!  He was not the smallest one out there!  He had a good coach, and had some great shots!  

Basketball starts for Kaley, Thomas and Bella through the city soon!  :)