Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Bella's Birthday!

We had a great birthday weekend for Bella!  On Saturday, Grammie and Pops, Drew and Em, Dani and Dave and Clarissa all came to the basketball games and then back to our house for lunch and a party.  We went swimming after at Provo Rec after lunch.  What a fun time!!!

Bella's birthday was on Sunday - we had Stake Conference, so no meetings for Dad!  Hooray!

Bells was thrilled with her new "American Girl" doll. :)

I made Bells a cool Frozen cake!  It was my first time making candy - like with a real thermometer and everything!  I was pretty proud of it!  Bells loved it!  

Happy Birthday Bella Rose!  So happy to have you in our family!  :)  
Stay tuned for Bella's beautiful 7 year old pictures!  

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


So basketball has started!  We have been practicing since before Christmas break.  Our games started the first week in January!  I am coaching Kaley's team again this season.  She is on a 3rd/4th grade girls team.  It's great to see how much she has improved since last year!  She chose #13 for her jersey this year.  :)  We have 4 4th grade girls, and 3 3rd graders.  We have a pretty crazy group of girls, but we have so much fun together!  Kaley makes a few baskets every game.  She is a tough little player, and loves to steal the ball.  ;)  She is a good shooter and is getting better at dribbling - it's hard to look down the court to see where you can pass the ball, and still dribble!  :)

I LOVE being the coach!  What a fulfilling job!  :)  These girls work hard, and are super awesome!  I love being a role model for them, and showing them that they can be awesome sporty chicks!  I love spending time with Kaley and seeing the cute little young woman she is turning into!  She is super competitive and yet oh so sweet.  I love seeing her with her teammates and friends.  She has this infectious giggle that makes me smile!  
Here's our team The Thunder: me, Kaley, Tiffany, Vada, Olivia
Gracie, Izzy, Bryn

Thomas is also playing basketball this season on a boys 3rd grade team.  He is on a team with his best bud, Justice - and Justice's dad is their coach.  T is obsessed with basketball right now.  He plays on our double shot in the basement every day.  He begs to go up to the church gym and shoot around.  He will play out on our court outside.  He takes his ball to school and plays at recess.  He comes to Kaley's basketball practice with me and is our 8th person.  He loves playing with the girls (I think because he likes to show off!).  Then he plays basketball during Bella's team games and practices - Tues/Thurs nights an hour each.  He has his own practice Thursday evenings.  Then he has his games on Saturdays.  It rules his life!  :) His jersey is #3 for Tyler Haws.  He loves BYU basketball and knows most of the players names on the team.  My little squishy boy is turning into a six-pack, muscley boy!  He stinks like sweaty puppy dog boy every day - he has graduated to showering every day - until now, it was an every other.  

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

New Year's Day!

On New Year's Day, we went swimming up in Sandy at Dimple Dell.  The kids LOVE Winter swimming!  

 We went up to Mom and Dad's for lunch, then we left to go straight to Provo Rec Center for more swimming with the Cox side!  

It was a great way to start the new year!