Friday, July 27, 2012

24th of July - part 2

In the afternoon of the 24th, Cam, Rach and the kids came down to play!  We had so much fun at the Carnival together!  I love this picture of the brothers with their kids!  So cute!

 Uncle Cam bought some cotton candy to share.  This was the twins' first experience!

 We went on a walk to throw rocks in the river.  Then we came back, had a BBQ and did some fireworks while we waited for it to get darker.

 We had 2 minor burns while firework-ing.  Kaley got a couple sparks on her neck, and Sophie's toes got a little warm.  (I say warm because it didn't really leave a mark, but it scared her.)  :)

 Cam treated us to some arial fireworks!  They were awesome!
 We walked over to the park to watch the city fireworks.  They didn't start on time, and were pretty late.  

Happy Pioneer Day!  Thanks to Cam and Rach and Mom and Dad for coming down to make it a real party!  :)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

24th of July!

For Pioneer day this year, we went to the parade in the morning.  It was a warm morning, but we had fun!  
 Jace loved the motorcycle policemen.  

 My Princesses waving at the Princesses on the float.
 Catching candy!

 Petting a llama.

So much fun!  My favorite part is always the Jeeps that do tricks on each other's wheels!  We love that part!  Stay tuned for Pioneer Day afternoon/evening adventures!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Jace Surgery - Round 2

Jace had surgery for his second hernia today.  He did really well and only cried a bit when they took him from me.  I was glad that they didn't intubate him this time because last time, I swear it took longer for his sore throat to heal than it did for his incision!  He also came out of the anesthesia with some pain so they gave him some morphine which meant that they kept him an extra 30-45 minutes in recovery before they could bring him out to me.  (That was not a pleasant experience!  I could hear him crying, and knew that all he needed was his mommy!)  Here is his before picture - so happy and capturing all the hearts of the nurses there!

 After - with his favorite blue popsicles!  I didn't have enough blue popsicles when we got home, so I called in reinforcements and my neighbor, Lacie, was at Maceys and brought more home for us.  He only would eat the blue.  
 During his nap after we got him home, he had an allergic reaction to something and his face did this:  

 After he woke up, I gave him some Benedryl, stopped giving him the Tylenol with codene (which he had never had a problem with before) and graciously gave out blue popsicles like crazy, he got better.  :)    Don't mind his bonk on his head - jumping into bed and knocking his noggin on the outlet by his bed; or his black eye - jumping, then sliding down Thomas' dresser;  It's just the life of this boy!