Thursday, September 26, 2013

A Primary Farewell!

Sunday was our Primary Program.  My kids did so good!  All 165 of them!  I have been dreading this day for months now.  I knew that it would be our last day in the ward.  I was relieved to have it done and crossed off my list, but SO sad to have this chapter really closed.  My sweet Primary kids made a video for me, and I really just sobbed through church.  All 3 hours.  I came home with the worst headache, and I was SO sad.  I will seriously miss seeing these cute faces every week.  I will miss their lovely voices and silly personalities.  My heart truly belongs in Primary.  My testimony is built around simple Primary songs.  I left this ward hoping that I had taught them enough, loved them enough, and shared my testimony enough.  I have been in Primary since Bella was a tiny baby.  I have literally been praying for these sweet children for 5 years.  It broke my heart to leave them and say goodbye.  I think it broke a few of theirs as well.  I was not the only one crying that day.  I felt so loved.  My favorite part of the video was of my sweet adoring admirer, Asher, who said, "You look gorgeous today, Sister Cox!"  I'm not sure how much of an influence I have had on these kids, but they sure have had an influence on me!  Here's a few pictures of my last day in Primary.  

I have felt this way about almost every calling I've had, but this one really is my favorite!  :)  It was supremely challenging - emotionally, physically and spiritually.  I wouldn't have traded my years in Primary for anything!  I loved being in there with all 5 of my kids and singing and teaching every week with them.  

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Thankful Thursday

  This feels like this post is long overdue.  I have had a few things on my mind lately, but haven't really had the emotional patience to put them into words.  I think now I am ready to try.  (Although the keyboard will be soaked by the time I'm done.)  :)

- I am thankful for this new house.  It seems like it took forever for it to happen, but we are here, and we are thankful.  It does stress me out more than a little to have SO many nice, new things in this house though.  For example, Bella was sick day 2 of living here.  She "christened" our bedroom carpet with throw up.  Lovely.  About a week later - Jace punches Sophie in the nose... blood on the carpet... Awesome.  Same week - Sophie gets into Kaley's dress up make up... hot pink lipstick in 5 places upstairs.  Super.  Maybe I thought "real life" would be cleaner over here...?  Ha ha!

- I am thankful for the kind neighbors we have met in this neighborhood.  I know a few from the kids school - moms of kids in my kids' classes.  That makes this transition a little easier.

- I am thankful for a couple of sunny days.  I know we need the rain, but this girl really needs the sun to be OK.

- I am thankful for the greatest help in moving.  I know I already said it - but I am really blessed when it comes to friends and family.  My good friend Sheryl, brought dinner the night before we moved - you know, when literally everything was packed up.  Lyss, who came many days to help clean/pack/chat.  Mom who also came to help pack - that woman is efficient!  Dani - who cleaned nasty crevices in my kitchen.  Momma Cox - who cleaned the laundry room and helped with everything else!  Lacie - who is my true best friend.  I don't think I could've let anyone else (who wasn't literally family) clean my shoe closet, downstairs bathroom and under my fridge.  I am forever in her debt.  It really sucks not being "basically next door" to her anymore.  And to all the "muscles" that we used!  We have the best brothers in the world!  I'm counting Lacie's husband, Justin, with those brothers.  He worked like one!

- I am thankful for my calling.  We are still going to our "old" ward until after the primary program - which is Sunday.  It has been one of my favorite callings!  I love being a part of 160+ kids lives!  I love hearing "Sister Cox!!!" at school, the grocery store, the library, church, everywhere!  I love feeling LOVED!  And I really love them too.  It will be a very hard calling to leave.  Not to mention our ward. This ward has truly been a little bit of heaven on earth.  Although it has changed quite a bit the past year, just with friends like the Larsens and Andersons moving, it will forever hold a special place in my heart.  I think that's just what happens when you jump right in and serve.  We have made life-long friends in this neighborhood.

- I am thankful for my kids schools.  Kaley, Thomas and Bella are all doing well in school this year.  Jace and Sophie are loving preschool this year as well.  It makes me happy to know that they are in good hands.  (Also, I am happy that I have 3 days a week for 2 1/2 hours that are just mine!)

- I am thankful for my hubby - he did a good job of trying to make my 30th birthday special amidst the chaos of moving and unpacking.  I am a blessed girl to have him!  He has listened to endless hours of complaining, crying, yelling, sobbing, worries and anything else that comes out of me.  I don't think we could've made it through the move without him. :)

I'm sure I've forgotten a few of the things I am thankful for, but these are a few!

Moving Day Pictures

Friday, September 6 - we signed papers and officially bought the house!  It was down to the wire whether or not we would really be moving that day.  There were a few things that needed to be done to the house to pass inspection, and we were also waiting on paperwork etc.  By 3 or 4 that afternoon, it was official!  We were really moving that day!  I had been packing like crazy and everything was basically packed and just waiting to be cleaned.  Thankfully, I have an amazing family and the best of a best friend that came to my rescue and made it all happen Friday night.  I really can't write too much about that night because it will just make me cry.  I was overwhelmed emotionally, and physically and totally exhausted.  My angel Mother in law, my saints of sisters Dani and Lyss, and my BFF Lacie cleaned my house while the men - Cam, Tanner, Josh, my Dad, Josh's Dad, Drew, Dave, and Justin (Lacie's hubby) moved everything out of the house.  It took quite a few loads because we didn't rent a truck or anything.  We had Josh's Dad's truck, my Dad's truck and 2 trailers, and our Yukon.  My Mom and Drew and Em helped at the new house unpacking and making it so that I had a "together" kitchen. 

Oh, not to mention that the next day was my 30th birthday... Mom brought down strawberry heaven, and bought pizza hut for everyone.  It was a party, whether I wanted it or not.  :)  

So here are a few of the documented chaos.  

 And at the new house: 

It has been quite the past couple weeks getting settled in and unpacking!  We are coming to the surface here and I am almost ready to show off the new house on the blog!!!  Stay tuned!  :)

Friday, September 13, 2013

A Cowboy and A Princess

I took the twins out for a photo shoot this week and took the 4 year old pictures.  I love these two crazies!  This is a new meaning of picture overload!  :)

Oh Man!  Sometimes it sure is fun having twins!  :)