Monday, November 10, 2014


October was eventful and not eventful at the same time.  I don't have that many pics from my phone to document.  Josh went out of town, we had Fall Break, and then Halloween.  I felt pretty crummy for most of October.  I've had a headache now for 10 weeks.  I can't seem to get rid of it, and don't really know what's causing it.  I've been to an ENT - which feels like wasted time - I tried Flonase, an oral steroid, a migraine med, and eventually had a CT scan which produced normal results.  I was referred to a neurologist (which I see on Friday this week).  I went to my regular dr, and got on an antibiotic, naproxen - anti inflammatory, and a muscle relaxer for night (He thinks it is a tension headache.  He also sent me to a chiropractor.  I got an adjustment because my neck was out of alignment.  I started feeling a little better and went to Zumba.  The rest of that day and the weekend were back to normal, awful headache status.  Today I see my Dr again as well as the chiro again.  I'm pretty tired of feeling yucky.  I've tried it all too - essential oils -which seem like a crock to me, ice packs, heat packs, advil/tylenol, excedrin, caffeine, etc - nothing seems to help.  I went to a massage therapist on Saturday.  She was highly recommended, but I came away feeling bruised.  She did acupressure, but it was rough!  Most of the meds made me more sick than anything else.  I lost 5 lbs in 2 weeks from the steroid and the migraine meds.  So if you have any great ideas - send them my way!  I'm up for anything at this point!

General Conference - the kids doing puzzles.  :)
 Post Conf walk about - Jace crashed on his scooter.  Somewhere in his ear folds was cut and pretty swollen.  His poor face was pretty scraped up!

 Lacie and I made a cute Fall wreath one day!  I love how it turned out!
 Crazy hair day - while Josh was out of town.  We sent these pictures to him in Boise.

 I got these cute pants from and wore them while Josh was gone - I took a picture to send to him.  I felt like I stood out all day!
 Kaley pulled out Bella's tooth before school one day - at the bike rack.  :)

 Our garage door broke - and then was fixed by an awesome neighbor!  
 I planted bulbs!!!  I can't wait for Spring!
 Ward Halloween carnival!

 Halloween candy loot!
 A family bike ride one day

Halloween - The PM

In the afternoon, the twins and I went to Bella's class!  We were in charge of the treat!  We made oreo spiders and had spooky apple juice.  ;)

 Then it was time for the big parade!  We stood by Jillian and her mom - Soph's little friend.
 Lexie came over to say hi too!  We love all the Elsas!

 Here's Bells!  She was excited to see Grammie sitting with us!

 Here comes Kaley.

 Pirate T!

 I loved the way this tiny Hulk looked sitting on the black top - I love Soph's face looking at him.  Sweet!

 Trick or Treat time!  We were out the door by 6 pm!

 Make up re-applied and ready to go!

 The kids are all pretty good at this trick or treat thing now.  Josh and I just walked around, and they ran back and forth from house to house.  The weather was perfect!  I didn't even need a jacket!  It was amazing!
 Bella, Sophie and Leighton 

 One of the many crowds we trick or treated with :)
These are phone pics from the day - Sophie ran into her primary teacher Sister Talbot!  She ADORES her!  She was recently released so she could attend a singles ward, so Soph has missed her!  She is the teacher that taught Sophie how to snap.  They are cute little friends!
 My Elsas with Ava-Elsa :)
 Grammie came down for all the excitement of Halloween!  
It was a LONG day of sugar, fun and friends!  So glad to be a part of our neighborhood and school!  We just really love where we are in life!