Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Friday Fun

The day after Thanksgiving, we went up to Sandy to hang out with Putnams.  We met at Dimple Dell swimming pool and swam for a bit.  Everyone had a blast!

 The slide was a hit!  

 Then we went to the house and had some leftovers.  We played in the leaves when the twins woke up from their nap.  Pop Pop had saved a HUGE pile of leaves for the kids.  They were thrilled!

 Everyone took turns being buried! 

 Me and Lyss sat in the leaves to take a Sister Picture.  Bad idea.  We were next to be buried!

 Jace was quite concerned about Mom being covered in leaves.  He came up to me and started brushing off the leaves.  

 Try #2 at Sister picture didn't work so well either.  

 Chasing Aunt Lyssa with a bundle of leaves!

 Lyss had the cute idea to have us all lay in the leaves and take a picture from above.  Here are a few of our tries.  Some one is missing from almost every picture.  I don't have nearly long enough arms to do this!  My other problem was that I couldn't tell which one was me in the pictures!  I would look at the camera after I took it, and I couldn't tell if I was me or Lyss!  It's kinda creepy sometimes!  :)

 So then we called out Josh, and he took a perfect picture!  My new favorite!!!
 Sister picture.  (don't mind my face.  We did swim that morning.)
 Then we helped Pops load up all the leaves.  The kids were such good workers!

I think we had 8 bags stuffed with leaves!  What a fun day!