Friday, October 31, 2008

Preschool Halloween Parade

Kaley's preschool had a little parade yesterday after class. The kids thought it was fun! Their teacher is Mrs. Raleigh the Pirate!

Kaley and her friend Kayla
Here they are attempting to play "Witch, Witch, Ghost" (a version of Duck, Duck, Goose)

Thursday, October 30, 2008

BYU Basketball Scrimage

Last night we went with my Dad to the BYU basketball Tip-off. My Grandparents tickets are awesome! We got to have dinner before too! The kids were thrilled at how close we were to the players and cheerleaders! Thomas loved watching the players and of course, Kaley loved the cheerleaders. Bella was just thrilled with the lights and movement! She was "singing" along to all the loud music in there! My Dad had never heard her make so much noise!
Of course there was Cosmo!
Thomas loves Cosmo! Every time we drive by Campus, Thomas starts calling for Cosmo. "Cosmo?! Cosmo?! Where are you?!" The highlight of Thomas' night was a high-five from his idol, Cosmo! He was grinning from ear to ear afterward! So cute!
The man sitting by Thomas was hit by an out of bound ball. It came out really fast and hard, so I was glad it didn't hit Thomas! He might not have given the ball back! :)
Bella's arms and legs were moving the whole time! She would just kick and wave anytime anyone got close!
Having the time of her life!
While the boys were warming up, Thomas was watching very closely. Every time one of them would make a basket, Thomas would turn to Grandpa and yell, "He made it!" I'm sure he was thinking they were REALLY good!
"He made it!"
Bella watching the cheerleaders
Kaley enthralled with the cheerleaders' tricks
Thomas could not believe how tall and fast these boys were!
Cute Cougars in front of the Marriott Center
I can't believe how adorable my kids look in BYU blue!

We had such a good time! Thanks to Grandpa for being with us! Thanks to Papa Arlen and Grandma Del for the SUPREME tickets! We love you!

Bella's Stats

I love little naked pics of my kids at the Dr! I love how big Bella's head looks in these picutres! Her head isn't really that big, her body is just that little! Well, we saw the Dr. yesterday for Bella's 9 month check up. She weighs 16.2 lbs - 10th percentile, is 28 in long - 75th percentile, and has a head circumference of 44 1/2 cm - 75th percentile. So we have a healthy baby! I still am a little concerned about her weight, but the Dr. said not to worry though. He said that we could add another bottle, just to boost her calories. So we'll see how fast we can chunk our little one up!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Bella's first ponytail! - 9 months

I can't believe Bella is 9 months! I put a little ponytail in her hair for church on Sunday. She looked so cute! We go to the Dr. tomorrow for Bella's 9 month check up, so stats will follow. Bella is starting to crawl. She can pretty much get herself across the room. She loves to roll and scoot! She is all done nursing, and loves formula! Hooray! Bella loves to eat solids. We are trying to get her to eat real people food, but so far she does not like the texture of it all! Bella has the cutest little giggle you have ever heard! She is more responsive to everyone now, and not just Kaley, (although Kaley still gets her laughing the hardest!). I love you, Baby B!

FHE - Carving Pumpkins

So, I know these are out of order, but I think they changed how they are posted. Did anyone else realize this? Anyway, we carved pumpkins this week for FHE. Kaley and Thomas cleaned out their own pumpkins, and helped figure out the face for them. Kaley calls hers a "happy Momma face." I am not sure what that means, but I drew it right! :) Also, we carved their first initial in the back. Our kids are obsessed with the first letter of their names. Kaley claims K-mart and Circle K as "her stores."
Here is Thomas with his pumpkin and his letter. Thomas claims Texaco and Costco - since he can see the T in the middle of Costco. It cracks me up that he can recognize the letter T anywhere! Also, Thomas' pumpkin is called a "happy Daddy face with a small mouth" - courtesy of Kaley.

Mommy and Bella

Thomas Time with Mom

Today, while Kaley was at preschool, Thomas and I made Halloween cupcakes! We made some with skeletons on them and some with orange and black sprinkles. Thomas loved helping lick the cupcake batter in the bowl, frosting the cupcakes, putting the marshmallows on the cupcakes, then chugging some milk after he ate his wonderful creations! I love this kid!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Trunk or Treat

My very sweet Pumpkin-head

The cutest witch you ever seen!
Our "Baseball One" - this is Josh's old Tee Ball uniform! Too cute!
Ethan is the dragon, Thomas, Kaley, Dallin - a monkey, Bella, and Makenzie - a fuzzy lamb. As always, we missed Elyzabeth, Lolee and Hayes!

Our ward had a Trunk or Treat last night! We invited family down for dinner before the activity. We had so much fun! The kids loved walking around and getting candy! It was fun to be with cousins too! I'm sure you will see very similar pictures after the actual Halloween night! :)


A couple nights ago, I gave Josh and Thomas hair cuts. We had also bought Kaley some sponge curlers for her hair. She slept in them and everything! It was so curly the next day! She was a little embarrassed at first, but she liked it after we went to Princess Playgroup and everyone liked it!