Monday, February 29, 2016

New Beginnings

We had a lovely New Beginnings in February!  Our theme was Oh the Places You'll Go!  Chris and Brooke did a fantastic job planning and working with our cute Beehives!  
 Each Beehive introduced a Value - complete with colors and cute pictures!

 The current Bees introduced the new Bees!!!  Guess what?!  This year one of my very own comes into Young Women's!!!!!  It was so fun to have Kaley there!

 All the Beehives!
 Our cute Personal Progress leader!
 Our great camp leaders introducing the camp theme!

Hooray!  Now I just have to wait til December for her to be there every week!

Saturday, February 20, 2016

December Fun!

Look at that!  We are getting caught up!  :)  Here are our fantastic gingerbread houses from December!  I always love doing this with the kids!  I buy a bunch of bulk candy from Maceys and we put icing in baggies and go to town!  

 The Monday after Kaley's birthday we went to Nickelmania for family night!  

We had a wonderful YW Christmas activity in December.  We went caroling to a few neighbors, but had planned ahead that they would either not be home, or have an excuse, or slam the door in their face...etc.  Then we ended at my next door neighbor's house and they had set up a nativity in our forest.  We sang Silent Night and the spirit was so strong!  What an amazing night!  We had cookies and hot chocolate at my house after!

 This is how we do Christmas Cards!  Assembly line style!
 Party with the Coxes!  

 Kaley sang a duet with Olivia Hartley at a BYU student ward in December!  She did awesome!
 Sugar cookies!
 Snow fun!

 Kids Christmas School Sing-a-long!  It's my favorite!  Santa comes to visit!  :)

 Thomas' shirt: There's no place like home ... for the holidays!
 I spent a few nights at Kneaders making baskets!  It was a fun middle of the night job with a bunch of girl friends!