Sunday, October 09, 2016

Jace and Sophie's Seven Year Pictures

This past week, I took the twins out to the trail to take some pictures of them for the wall!  Yes, it is October.  Yes, their birthday was in August.  But really, life kinda was put on hold until after that darn Carnival!  So here are my twins!  I can't believe they are SEVEN!!!  That means we less than a year away from having ALL FIVE of our kids baptized!  We are going to Sophie's friends' baptisms just about every month, and that is crazy to me!  
I will try to give you a little insight into what life with these two crazies is like:

Jace: lover of all things camo.
 Jace: my little class clown - he has the best sense of humor and has the best comedic timing! 
 Sophie: Princess in every way.  Loves necklaces, rings, earrings-clip on, glitzy shoes, sparkly headbands and bracelets galore!
 Sophie: has the most beautiful, wild hair.  I love curling Soph's hair - it will stay curled forever!
 Together: They will play so nice!  They do homework together after school - at the same time, but not helping each other.  Sophie usually gets hers done super fast, and Jace likes to take his time.  
 Together: They know how to make each other laugh at their hardest!  When these two are in a silly mood, the laughs go on for hours!  
 Do you see how in this picture Sophie's finger is sticking out?  Just about ready to tickle her brother? That's just how they are!  Always ready to push each other's buttons!
 Sophie is still about 4 inches taller than Jace.  He is always quick to remind anyone that notices this, that he is still 3 minutes older than her!  What he lacks right now in height, he makes up for in personality!
 It was all I could do to get these two to pose like this - Jace would have preferred a wrestling headlock pose, but alas, Mom wanted a nice casual hug pose. ;)
 You can often find the twins rollerblading in the basement together, jumping on the tramp together, or playing some sort of house/superhero hybrid game.  
 Sophie: loves her Dad.  Gives him a hug and a kiss on her way out the door to school every day - in a very princess and dramatic lovey sort of way.  Josh just soaks it up, plays along, and then rolls his eyes as she leaves.  Heaven help us when she is a teenager!  
 Jace: often tells me he wishes he could still be a baby and stay home with me.  We would bake cookies, watch movies and snuggle.  Growing up really bites!  
 Jace: a very OCD, particular kind of guy.  Before he eats, he usually rubs his hands together and makes sure everything is in just the right order on his plate and at the table.  His room is filled (messy in appearance to everyone else) with his "stuff."  He likes to have all his "stuff" right next to his bed: papers, pencils, tape, stapler, hero figurines, cowboy rope, tennis shoes, every piece of craft/art he's ever made, and his giant Mickey Mouse.  Sometimes I just have to ignore his corner of the room!
 Jace wears a watch every day.  He is VERY conscious of the time.  He is usually so good about going to a friends house, and I can say be home by 5, and he does!  
 Jace loves music.  He got headphones for his birthday, and he loves to listen to my iPod.  His favorites are Gentri, One Direction, and really anything with a good beat!  You should see his dance moves!
 Sophie's room is a different kind of clutter!  This girl is a people person!  She loves her little figurines.  She has them lined up along her entire bed posts.  She has her little corner filled with her Nutcracker, her American Girl Doll, all her beautiful papers, every tiny trinket she's ever found, and glitter pieces.  That's the head of her bed!  The foot of her bed is her outfit for the next day, about 10 blankets, and purses - and her accessories.  
 Sophie has her own fashion sense.  She can be super girly, or ready to kick some trash sporty!  I just love this girl's spunk!  She makes everything she does into a cheer these days.  It's thrilling to the rest of us to hear. :)
 Sophie comes home from school, and usually gets her homework done and disappears upstairs to her own world.  She will listen to music - on Kaley's old CD player, or play with her people, or color, or read.  After a long day at school, she just wants some time by herself in her own little world.
 Jace and Sophie are both taking piano lessons.  Some weeks go better than others.  Soph usually loves it, and I don't get any crap from her.  Jace does not love it, and tells me regularly.  They both try to get their practicing done in the morning before school, so they can do their Daily 5, and then head out to play!
 These two are both social kids!  Soph has SO many friends and loves to play!  Jace has a couple really close buddies in the neighborhood and they are thick as thieves.  
 Jace adores Thomas - this morning, I found them in a tent of blankets in their room, listening to Sunday music - Gentri - and building Lincoln Logs.  T is a good big brother to J, and J looks up to him so much.  
 Sophie and Bella are really quite the pair.  Bella has always been a talker, and she has a best friend in Sophie.  They have the gift of gab!  They can talk imaginary things, real things, and everything in between all day long!  I remember when Bella was 2, and Soph was just a baby, I'd tell B to go talk to her sister - mostly because I was done listening to her nonstop talking.  Now, these two are so good for each other!  They have their spats - like most siblings that are 19 months apart do, but they are best friends.  
 Sophie likes to take home lunch most days - unless Thomas or Kaley are lunch workers.  I think she would rather have the time to visit with her friends, rather than wait in line, unless she can say hi to her big siblings.  She really has a soft spot for them!
 Jace is lazy, and would rather buy school lunch every day.  I only let them choose about 5 per month - Jace typically uses his the first 5 days of the month!  
 The kids at school call Jace a Mini Thomas.  I'm not sure that I see the resemblance, but Jace doesn't mind it at all!  He loves his brother!
 So there you have it!  Just a glimpse into what kind of crazy we have with these two at the caboose of our family!   They keep me on my toes, keep me laughing, and keep me wondering what is next!?  Whatever it is, I'm sure glad we have our "babies" in our family!  

Tuesday, October 04, 2016

BYU PLC Family Reunion!

We spent Thursday and Friday last week with Papa and Grandma at BYU for the PLC Family Reunion.  We have been looking forward to it for 3 years since the last one!  We just love being on campus and being with Papa and Grandma!!!  This time we had cousins to come join the fun!!!  We started Thursday with a picnic dinner.  They had SO much food!  Pizza, corn dogs, hawaiian food, potato bar, cotton candy, cookies, ice cream, churros and drinks galore!  We ate and then walked over to the HFAC for some entertainment.  They had Vocal Point, the ballroom dance team, Living Legends, and BYU Men's chorus!  After that ended, we walked over to the WILK to see Divine Comedy!  It was seriously like reliving my college years!!!  All my favorite things!!!  I loved sharing these fun things with my kids!  It was a fantastic night!   

Friday morning, we got up bright and early to hike the Y at 7 am with the crew!  It was a beautiful morning!  That hike may never get easy!  It was tough as always, but rewarding!

We had a yummy breakfast at the bottom of the trail - bagels, fruit, yogurt parfaits, juice, chocolate milk!  
Then we went to the Tanner Building to start our fun for the day!  We started with a Campus Scavenger Hunt.  WE WON!!!  We got some more cool BYU swag.
How can you look at that Sawyer boy and not smile?!

The second activity was meeting Studio C guys!  We got to ask them questions and watch a couple new skits.

We took the shuttle across campus to a magic show!  

And make ice cream with liquid nitrogen.
We learned some cool things about different chemicals!

We walked through the BYU Store.  Look at those crazy kids!

We went back to the WILK for some lunch!  We met up with Cosmo along the way and teased him a little!

Last, the bowling alley was reserved for PLC families for the afternoon, so we went over there and bowled a few games!  We left at 4 ish, and we SOOO tired!  
Such a fun family time!  We are SO thankful for Papa and Grandma and all that they do for us!  We love their connection and love for BYU!  

Sidenote:  Thomas told me today that he has a back up plan for if he doesn't get on the BYU basketball team.  He will be Cosmo!  Done!  :)  What 10 year old has a back up plan?!  He sure has been working hard on his basketball skills, so hopefully plan A works out for him!  :)