Thursday, October 30, 2014

Fall Break - Muldoon, Part 3

We went out and took big family pictures one afternoon there.  The colors were beautiful!  

 Then we got to shootin' pumpkins!  :)

 After this trip, and me shooting super awesome, I decided I need to get me my own 22 :)

 Snapping pictures of my beauties in the magical light.  

 I love this picture of my boys so so much.  Their own pose, of course!

 T pretty much took care of the BB shooting.  He helped everyone so carefully.  
 These pictures make me giggle!  How can J even see the target?  What a little stud!

 Josh took the kids on the Rhino to find some mud that evening.  They came back super cold, wet, muddy and with memories! :)