Thursday, June 26, 2014

Swim Lessons

We only got to go to half of swim lessons this Summer - those dang chicken pox (that post is coming).  I took a few pictures on the first day for fun, and Josh took pics for me on the Friday picture day while I was at Girls Camp.  So take a look at our short-lived swim session.  :)

Cousin Fun

Saturday, we had a family gathering with Putnam side.  Our long lost, beautiful, grown up cousin, Kashell came!  It was fun to see her again (it's been like 15 years at least!).  The whole Daly clan was in town to take Cam-O down to BYU, and Uncle Bob was in town too!  It really was a party!

 This is Vanessa's little girl, Chloe.  Cute girls!

 Proof that not every minute is sunshine with twins.  This is a pretty good fight over the play phone.  It was fierce!

 The little one year old cuzzies.  William, Corbin and Brooklynn.