Monday, March 29, 2010

What a week!!!

This week was packed full! Here we are on Monday before FHE. This was the first time the babies were awake during dinner, so they joined us! We thought it filled up the kitchen to the brims! That's a full table! Josh's parents and Tricia came down for FHE that night and a treat!
This was our Sister's Lunch on Wednesday. We met at Cafe Rio in Draper for a little lunch. Then we headed over to Sees for a little chocolate and some sun! This was so much fun, I can't wait to do it again!

Yes, people. This is what it looks like when we go to Target! I loaded them all in, and had to laugh! I took a picture to remember how crazy I was to take all 5 kids to Target by myself! I bribed them with popcorn and a drink, and they were GREAT! (I did end up moving them around though, so this was not the position that we shopped in. Picture this: Jace-out of carseat, sitting in the front part, Sophie-in her seat in the back, Bella and Thomas-strapped in the "rocket seats", and Kaley sitting under and between them on that little part with her feet under the cart part.) Oh yes, we are CRAZY!!!
Kaley had her first Dance Recital this week, so that meant LOTS of dance! We had a dress rehearsal on Thursday. Here is Danielle reviewing songs with them!
Thomas made friends with one of the girls' brothers. This is Addie's brother, Cannon. They were cute little buddies.
Kaley and Hannah

Cute Class picture
With Miss Danielle
"Hippy Hippy Shake"

"Music Box Dancer"

"The Bunny Hop"

Flowers for the Ballerinas
The Bunny Sisters
Kaley and One Proud Momma!
Me and Danielle - we must have been crazy to do this! I can't wait to start the next class!!! :)

I did try to upload the videos of the dances to the blog, but it seriously would have taken about 2 days to upload. So, I did YouTube instead. Here are the links! (Just click on the link)

The Bunny Hop

The Music Box Dancer

Hippy Hippy Shake
Kaley and her flowers
Sunday pictures - I had to take a picture of Thomas in his handsome shirt - I love how blue it makes his eyes! Of course, Kaley wanted in on the action!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring is here!

This weekend we went up to the Coxes for Sunday dinner. It was such nice weather, we went for a walk. Sophie fell asleep right away!
Aunt Tricia is visiting from Palmyra, so the kids loved playing with her!

Mommy and Bella - this girl sure is getting good at riding her scooter!

Looking over the fence at a neighbor's chickens and bunny.
Soph and her long eyelashes
Cute babies
Aw, sweet sisters

Mommy and Dude
Love this chunky guy's smiles!
What's the fun of having 2 babies if I can't squeeze them into places meant for 1?!

I love this one because you can see Jar's face smiling at Jace on the other side!

Sophie and Trish getting to know each other
Kenzie turns 2! She "blew out" her candles (it was too windy to really light them).
No, she is not smoking the candle, just licking off the frosting!
Cupcakes are serious business!

Ethan and Kenzie enjoying their cupcakes

Kaley and Ethan are cute little cousins! Kaley loves that Ethan just adores her!
The girls sat around visiting
Jarilyn and Porter
The boys played basketball.

The kids jumped on the tramp. (I am surprised how well they all played with each other!)
Thomas loves to play basketball! He wanted the hoop up really high, so they moved it up. Then he had to move the little tramp over so that he could reach the basket. You'll also note that his pants are unbuttoned. He can't button them by himself (mostly because of his chubby tummy), so it usually just hangs open. :)

Bells would have swung there all afternoon, as long as her grandpa was pushing her!

Thanks for the party! Let's do it again soon!