Monday, September 22, 2014

Payson Lakes Drive

We took a lovely Sunday drive around the Nebo Loop.  We stopped to walk around Payson Lake.  Such a nice day!

Devil's Kitchen - cool rocks and beautiful mountains!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Fall Soccer!

We have all 5 kids enrolled in soccer this season!  It has been a blast!  It is crazy, busy and exhausting but I love it!  The boys are playing on Tues/Thurs: Thomas' games are either 5 or 6pm, Jace's are 5:30 or 6:15.  There have only been a couple of times that Josh and I see both boys' games in one night.  We usually just divide and conquer!  
Here's Jace!  He is a funny, calculated little soccer player.  He is usually trying to think where the ball is going next.  He runs on the outside of the pack most of the time, trying to be ready when the ball pops out.  He doesn't like to run in the middle with all the boys - they throw off his groove.  :)  He likes to play goalie - much to my dismay!  It makes me sick when my kids play goalie - it feels like too much pressure, but it really doesn't bother them!  I think Kaley is the only one that feels the way I do - only she would just rather chase the ball the whole time!  :)

 Here's T - a lot less pics of him.  I get WAY too into Thomas' games.  His team is 3rd and 4th grade boys, so he is one of the younger ones on the team.  He loves it though!  He likes to play goalie and is pretty good at it!  He still loves to roll on the ground any chance he gets, whether it is a slide or a good kick to someone's shin guards, he loves to get some grass on him!  :)  That's my little boy!  (side note: he came home from soccer last night smelling like a TEENAGE boy!  He had played hard!  I contemplated getting him some deodorant!  It was bad!  When do I start that?)  

 The girls play Wed/Fri nights: Kaley's are 5 or 6 pm, Bella and Sophie's are 5:30 or 6:15 on a different field.  These nights are insane, with piano before, dinner sometime (usually on the field) and then YW right afterwards!  It's busy!  So we enlist the help of Lyss for the night.  Then we have 3 adults to split between 3 games.  They almost always overlap ridiculously!
Kaley loves soccer - she is pretty good and really gets it!  She has scored once this season, and had quite a few "almosts."  She still grins from ear to ear while she runs up and down the field.  Pure glee!

 Now Soph.  Sophie is the fiercest little soccer player I know!  And she's pretty cute to boot!  Soph has scored 3 goals this season so far, and is pretty sure she is going to be a soccer star!  :)  She also smiles through her games and loves to "get in there" and get the ball!

 She plays defense with her arms and hands out.  I can see she's going to be a good basketball player too!  ;)

 One of her many "almost" goals!

 Bella's turn!  Bells is on a team with 3 or 4 of her friends from school.  She is so social and just loves chatting her way through every game.  She is a tough little player and a good runner.  She tries her best every game!  She is determined to score this season!  We've still got a couple games left!

There you have it!  I'm sure I will do another round of soccer pics in a couple weeks, but for now I will enjoy the Fall weather and all of our soccer games!  It is so fun to be a soccer mom!  :)