Friday, June 30, 2017

Oregon Trip: Astoria Maritime Museum

 Thursday morning, Josh left to go visit clients for work - he had it worked out so that he could visit clients and it would let us extend our trip by a few days!  While he was out working, we kept playing!  It was kind of a rainy day, so we opted to go visit the Maritime Museum in town.  
They had the most beautiful blossoms outside the building!

 We had fun walking around learning about the land and the sea in the area.  So fun to teach the kids about the history of somewhere new!  They are good museum go-ers - they like learning and playing in each exhibit.  

 We went to the ship outside to see the Columbia.  
 There was a cool pirate ship at port too.

 That afternoon, we went to the girls' school to see their egg drop!  So fun!  

 Since it was so rainy, they couldn't drop them from the roof, so the principle improvised and dropped them from a ladder.  :)

Then it was back home to get packed up and ready for the next adventure!  

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Oregon Trip: Astoria Column

After our Washington side adventures, we went up to the Astoria Column.  It has a beautiful view of the water on 3 sides!  

 The column itself is a work of art!  I was quite impressed - such rich history there and what a cool tribute!
 The kids collected airplanes from the trees and forests around to send off the top of the column!  Such a clever activity!

 The Astoria map

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Oregon Trip: Sand Dollar Hunting and Cape Disappointment State Park

Wednesday started bright and early!  We went to Sandy Beach at 6:30/7 am to hunt for sand dollars!  You have to go at low tide early in the morning to get the best!  It was so fun!  I'm sure our kids could have been there all day!  They came home with a dozen each, at least!  I loved watching them call to each other, chase after the waves, and bond.  It was perfect.

Josh somehow had his phone out to capture the moment that KJ lost her fitbit, and then I found it somehow in the sand!  We were shocked!  

Later that day, we drove across a big bridge to the Washington side.  We visited Cape Disappointment State Park.  
First we saw North Head Lighthouse.  It was under construction, so we didn't get to tour the inside.  It was still a pretty cool view!

Just a favorite picture of me and Kjersta! BFFs.

We took a little hike and saw some beautiful bushes.  Everywhere we looked, we saw rhododendrons and azaleas.  They were breathtaking!

We hiked up to the other lighthouse there - the Cape Disappointment Lighthouse.  I'm not really sure why it is "disappointing" - it was stunning to me!

All these beautiful ferns and greens!  I was obsessed!

We ate our picnic lunch on a beach down below the two lighthouses.  It was beautiful!

We walked out a ways on the jetty - we just love the ocean air and sun!