Sunday, December 30, 2007

PLAYING with the toys!

The best part of Christmas was the day after, when Josh put all the toys together and the kids got to just play! Josh won the "Favorite Dad" award that day!

Christmas Morning

Christmas at Coxes

More highlights!

Christmas Day at Putnam's

Just a few of the Christmas Day highlights!

Annual Hayes Christmas Eve Skating Party

Kaley loved rollerskating this year! We brought her scooter just in case she wasn't brave enough, but who were we kidding! She took right away to rollerskating! Both kids were exhausted when it was all over!

Christmas Eve at Coxes

Grandma made Nativity costumes for the kids this year again. It wasn't as insane as last year! We did manage to get the kids together for a couple pictures. We had a shepherd and the Angel. What cute kids!

Christmas Eve at Our House

We had our own little Christmas Eve celebration before it was off to bed! I made the pajama pants this year! Quite the task! Mine were the only ones that didn't fit - go figure. So I inherited Josh's immediately, as he thought they were kinda girly looking. :)

Temple Square lights

We went to Clarissa's choir concert on Temple Square, and quickly looked around at the lights! We were freezing and starving! We went to McGrath's Fish House for dinner (because there was no wait)! Our camera battery was dying, so I only got 2 pictures of out outting!

More birthday!

Kaley's Grandma, Aunt Chalae and cousins came to visit on her birthday! What a fun day! We gave Thomas a little Cars tin with crayons in it so he wouldn't feel left out for Kaley's birthday. He was thrilled!

Happy Birthday to Kaley!

We celebrated Kaley's birthday at Putnam's before Kaley's actual day. I don't think she minded! She opened up the first present, and it was a Princess flashlight with batterties included. She saw the batteries first and exclaimed, "Batteries!" We were laughing so hard! I think she was a little confused!