Monday, May 29, 2017

May: Summer!

Our first week of Summer was great!  I had our Group Piano Party.  We played games and had root beer floats.  What crazy kids!   
We went to Kaysville for Memorial Day.  We swam at Aunt Denise's pool with cousins.  

 We went to the Zoo!  This time we went with the intent to play in the splash pad there.  Such fun!

 The first of MANY rollerblade rides!
 Water fun in our back yard!

What a great view for the Summer!  

May: Friends, Family and Fun!

On Mother's Day, ALL my Laurels were at church!!!  I had to take a picture to document these amazing girlies!  Back row: Addie, Meaghan, Amberlee, Mallory, McKinley, Camryn Front: Britlee, Me, Hannah, Hannah, Bailey, Madi.  3 of these YW are graduating and one is moving, so this is a special picture to me!  
 Bryson and Jace are 2 of a kind!
 I'm not sure why this won't rotate, but this was a super fun YW activity.  We had Sheryl Jeppson come and teach us pioneer dancing.  Then Bro Folsom told us pioneer stories.  
 Sunday naptime!  I love 9am church!

 Jace and Bryson's sign. 

 Kaley came out of school crying one day in the last week of school.  She said that since the pool day was cancelled and they were just going to do outside games, her friends were ditching.  She asked if she could just go with them, but I knew there would be no parent supervision and so did she, so the answer was no.  I told her no big deal, you can just stay home and play with me!  It's Grammie's birthday, so we are going to lunch.  That day evolved into 6th grade ditch day for Kaley: shopping, pedicures, lunch, and helping in Thomas' party.  I think I just started a new tradition!  
 Cute Kaley in her new dress she got while ditching school!

 Just the start of Summer and friends and water on the tramp!
 Catching snakes!
 A few from our hike up to Stewart Falls.

 Kaley was babysitting one night, when I got a call from her asking if I could come over really quick and bring lots of bandaids and wipies.  She had cut her toe on the hot tub edge and was left with a huge chunk taken out of her toe!  
 My parents' house is getting a face lift!  
 We went camping up to Whiting Campground.  

 I planned a "Ditch Day" for the kids one of the last weeks of school.  We went up to the Zoo.  It was not a super warm day, but it didn't matter!  Sawyer did NOT like the ginormous bugs everywhere!