Thursday, September 23, 2010

Stuff and Soccer

 I have the kids do chores in the morning before school.  This day, Thomas didn't have school, so he was helping me with kitchen chores.  He loves to Swivel Sweep!  Jace chases the vacuum sweeper around, and they both laugh hysterically!  It is fun to have a brother!

 Bella is practicing her circles in the morning sun. 
 Sophie is MUCH too busy walking to get her picture taken face to face! 
 Yesterday, we had to run to Orem to get some peaches and pears to bottle.  I moved Bella up to the middle so she wasn't the lonely only in the back.  She enjoyed it, but boy can that girl TALK! 
 Yesterday was Kaley's last day of soccer.  (Friday is actually the last day, but she will be at Grandma's while Mom and Dad have a date!)  She played like a star!  Here she is kicking the ball.

 Her loyal fans.
 Can't wait til next year when he can play!
 Running hard!

 Taking a break with Whitney, her cute friend!

 Lined up to give fives.
Way to go Kaley!  Can't wait for next season!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Our Week in Review

 Another round of Dance Class has started!  We are holding here at our house again, and I love it!  I let Bella be in it this time, and we'll see how she does!  She LOVES dressing up in her ballet get-up, and dancing with the girls! 

 I absolutely ADORE this sister picture! 
 Bella and I have had LOTS of quality time together these days.  Friday, we were supposed to clean and do some chores, but Bells and I decided to chill and do "girl" things instead.  We painted our toes and finger nails.  (Yes, mine are painted the same girly pink! Until I took it off during nap time!)  She also had fun just riding her bike around.  She had to gather rocks "because she was out of gas."  I guess the rocks are her "gas."  Note, she is putting them under her wheels.  That is how she fills up with gas.  She is such a funny girl, with a BIG imagination!

 Our latest project is in the backyard!  We were able to get some BIG rocks for free!  We are putting a very large flower bed/tree pod spot in the corner.  Our neighbors were so nice to come help us lift rocks and place them so carefully for the bottom wall part of it.  I think it will turn out quite nice! 

 Our babes watching through the window. 

 Sunday, we went for a drive up the canyon and met some friends for a camp fire.  The colors are beautiful right now!  I could drive around looking at Fall colors all day! 

 Kamry and Bella - same age, blue eyes, blonde hair, Princess shirts, and PINK obsessions! 
 Logan, Thomas, Carter and Kaley. 
 On a little walk.
 Throwing rocks into the water.
 Jace, trying to climb out! 
 Ah, for ME?
 Kaley's obsession right now is monkey bars.  I am impressed that she can climb all the way across them by herself!  That's muscles! 

 They had the cutest little 4-wheeler things at the park there.  I love this one of Carter and Kaley!

There are a couple of fires burning in Utah right now, so the sky last night was colorful!  I tried to take a picture from the sun roof of the sun, but it didn't work so well.  The sun is behind those trees, and it was my favorite color of pink!  Thanks to the Hanks for coming with us!  We had so much fun!

As a side note, Thomas had a rough night last night.  I think he had his first bout of heartburn!  I had fixed and early dinner before we left to see Fall colors.  So all the kids ate a good dinner before we left.  Then they ate hot dogs, watermelon, chips and drinks WITH s'mores with the Hanks, less than 2 hours later.  When he woke up in the middle of the night, he said his tongue tasted like BBQ sauce.  It has to have been heartburn!  That kid does love to eat!