Monday, March 31, 2008

Bella Rose

The party after the blessing!

Papa Arlen and Grandma Del with Me and Bella.
Bella's first bottle experience! She didn't even flinch!

Reunited! My very supportive roommates and best friends!
Bella with Grandma and Grandpa Cox.
Bella with Grandma and Grandpa Putnam.

Me, KJ and our littlest girls!
Can you believe all those grandkids?! And 2 of them are not here! :)

These girls don't know it, but KJ and I are plotting for them to be college roommates! Oh the stories they will have! :)
I think the cutest pictures I have of Thomas are of him eating some sort of food! That's my boy!
Little baby feet! Bella, Hayes, and Dallin. Makenzie was not here. We have 4 little babies under 9 months!

Bella's Blessing Day

Our beautiful Bella Rose on her Blessing Day. Josh's Mom and I made her dress for her special day! I was so pleased with how it turned out! She is one precious little angel!

Sweet Bella Smiles

Welcome Home Uncle Tanner!

We welcomed home Josh's brother Tanner from his mission this week! He was serving in the Sacramento, CA Hmong speaking mission. We are glad to have him home! We had so much fun this week with family. Kaley and Thomas loved playing with their cousins!

My little Thomas

This is Thomas' favorite place - nuzzled into Mom's hair. He loves my hair! We took this picture the day before I cut my hair, so that I could always remember how Thomas loves to put both arms around my neck and play with my hair. He does this to anyone with long hair! He loves to sit by Aunt Jarilyn while she reads stories to him and play with her hair. He plays with Aunt Danielle and Aunt Clarissa's hair too. If he is sad at night, I will go in to his room, and he says, "Mommy's hairs," in his sad little voice, and then he will wrap himself around my neck and twist my hair between his fingers. Just one little thing I love about my Thomas!

Monday, March 24, 2008

2 Months Old!

Easter Hunts

More Easter Hunts!

Happy Easter


Our Sweet Bella Rose has been showering us with smiles this week! We love her cute face!