Thursday, August 30, 2012

Boys Golfing

Pops, Josh, Thomas and Drew went golfing on Monday in Park City for the last of the family trip.  The girls went to the Outlets for a bit of shopping.  Then we met for some lunch and split to go home.  I think this made Thomas' year!  

Jace and Sophie's 3rd Birthday!

We celebrated Jace and Sophie's birthday on Sunday with the family in Park City.  They started the morning with Mickey Mouse pancakes.  

 I had a lot of fun with the Mickey/Minnie theme they chose.  I made these cute ears and shirts and Sophie's skirt for them.  

 We played Pluto, Pluto, Where's your bone?

 We did Mickey bowling.

 Eventually Jace got sick of missing, so he just smashed them over with the ball still in hand.  

 We played bubbles.

 We opened presents.

 We also made Oreo Mickey pops, but they didn't really turn out the way I wanted them to, hence, no picture.

 The best picture of the cake that I got. :)

 The cute "Happy Birthday, Twin!" hug after the song.  

I seriously can't believe that these two are THREE!!!  They really are a whole bunch of fun right now!  I hope to have a post just for them soon!