Thursday, April 29, 2010

Field Trip To The Farm

Thomas had his first field trip Tuesday! We went to the Farm at Thanksgiving Point. We took a full car load of friends and another mommy. I left the other four kids with Grandma at our house.
Learning about what the animals eat.
How the milk gets into the gallons.
Looking at the cow.
We saw some bunnies. Thomas said, "Mom, I don't like that smell!"
We found a little jail, and threw the boys in!
This is Thomas' friend Gavin - these two boys are cute friends!
Thomas threw Mommy in jail too!

We saw some little piggies! They were adorable, but stinky! Thomas said, "Hey Mom! That piggy just said OINK!"
Feeding the chickens some little corn pieces.
This was one sad looking little bird!
Thomas and Gavin on the horse-pulled wagon ride!
Here's our girlfriends from Dance Class! Hannah, Maddie and MaKinlee, Kristin, Ainsley and Courtney.
Me and My Boy!
Thomas riding on the sheep.
Gavin on the sheep
Thomas said, "Look! That Alpaca is riding a bike!" I just had to laugh because it is a COW, and he is mowing the lawn!
We finished our field trip with a little picnic lunch. We had such a fun time!

Monday, April 26, 2010

A Super Saturday!

Saturday was a marathon of a day! It was so much fun, but beware! This is a picture overload post! Josh's parents were in town for Josh's sister's graduation. They stayed at a hotel Friday night for fun. We went up to their hotel Saturday morning to swim with them! I was quite impressed with myself that I could find all the kids swimsuits! Kaley, Thomas and Bella didn't skip a beat and they jumped right in! Kaley is a fish out of water! That girl loves to swim! I can't wait to put her and Thomas in swim lessons this Summer! It took Bella a minute to remember not to put her whole face in the water while she swam, and then she was fine! She loved jumping in to Grandpa! Jace and Sophie liked it, but had the shivers most of the time. We took up most of the pool, and had a blast doing it!

After swimming, we got ready for the day and went up to BYU to have a Wendy's picnic lunch. Grandpa bought the kids Frostys. Bella enjoyed eating hers, but I think most of it ended up on her jeans and shirt!
Then we met up with Staci, Dave and kids, and Tanner and Mary Ann at Thanksgiving Point for the Tulip Festival. Jarilyn met us a BYU and she came with us too! It was so busy there, but as always, the tulips were beautiful! The kids had a grand time running on the grass and smelling all the tulips!

This is how all the paths were - just packed! Can you see our little group holding hands? So sweet! The kids took such good care of Dallin.

There is a little stream in the Gardens, that my kids had to throw rocks and sticks into! If there is water, there MUST be rocks and sticks!
Jarilyn and Jace - We are sad to see her graduate, because that means she is moving on! This Summer, she will be in Paraguay. We will miss her!

Aunt Staci found a snail shell for Kaley. She now keeps it with the rest of her "treasures." That girl is a pack rat!
Grandma and Grandpa with the twins and Thomas. They sat in the shade with the babes while the big kids watched for fish over the dock.

Kaley calls this the "Princess Place". Bella of course had to take her picture there!
And my sweet girls! They can be such good friends!

Squishing Thomas (behind Tanner). I think T wanted to sit by G & G, so Tanner helped him out.
I love this one of Jar and Porter. So sweet!
Tanner wore himself out throwing the kids around. That is close to 100 lbs on his shoulders people! Needless to say, Tanner needed a BIG drink after that!
Thomas wanted to jump IN the water! He was getting hot!
Towards the end, Bells started getting sad. We tried to make her happy by taking silly pictures of her. It kinda worked. Then we gave her a binky and she was at least quiet. The babies needed bottles about then too, so we took a break while the big kids rolled down the big hill, and danced to the music on the stage below.

There's a happy face!
Kaley is on the left in a white shirt and jeans, you can see her arms out twirling. Thomas is in a blue shirt below the speaker, and Bella is right next to him skipping in her blue shirt and jeans. They were cracking us up with their "dance moves." Thomas was almost doing a jig! He had a little skip/hop in his step. Kaley just twirled! It amazes me that she didn't lose her lunch!
I had to include one of Josh and I, we were there. :)

On Sunday, I decided that my tulips are every bit a beautiful as the ones we saw at the Festival! I had to snap a couple with Bella - she just LOVES our flowers! She helps me water them every day, and gets sad when it rains because we don't need to water the flowers. :) What a sweet girl!