Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Hershey Track Meet

The other event I missed today was Kaley's Hershey Track Meet.  The kids don't get to participate until 3rd grade, so this was our first time doing it!  Kaley was pretty excited.  She chose to do the 50M run and the 100M run.  Then, she was also chosen to do the 4x100 relay.  Josh went and took pictures and videos for me, so I didn't feel completely left out!  Kaley did awesome!!!

Here she is for the 50M - she wasn't really ready to start right when the "hand went down", so she got a slow start.  She still took 2nd in that heat.  (There are about 50 heats.)

 Here she is waiting for her turn for the 100M.  This is her "I'm nervous" pose.  She's right there in the middle by the lady in the purple shirt.  She told Josh that she had butterflies pretty bad!  

 There she goes!  She took first place in this heat!!!  Then she took 1st again in the semi-finals heat.  She lost the next one, but I am super impressed!  

 They have a Lolli Pop run for the preschooler kids that are there waiting around all day!  Jace and Soph ran in it.

 Kaley's relay - she didn't really like this event, and probably won't end up doing it again.  She also was SO tired by the end - this was the last event that they did.  

I can't wait to go next year!!!  :)

Wild Wonders

I didn't get to go on this field trip, but luckily for me, their preschool teacher is their second mother and my BFF - so I have pictures.  :)  Thank you Lacie!!!  The kids have such wonder and awe in their eyes when they see these cool animals.  We have done this field trip many times before, but it never gets old!  

 Isn't this duckling darling?!

 With the biggest bunny in the world!

 Sophie loved this tiny baby kitty.  She told me all about it!  

 A tiny turtle named Hamburger.  The big turtle died this year - so the kids were sad to not see it again.  

 Jace looks like he's ready to take a bite out of Hamburger!  ;)

 Holy smokes, this boy is adorable!  

Zoo Field Trip

Today was the Kindergarten Zoo field trip!  I was nervous to go because I sent Jace and Soph on a field trip with their preschool class with out me!  And, Kaley had her Hershey Track meet over at the high school - it is a track meet for all the schools in Spanish Fork.  More on those other two events soon.  :)
My little group of girls - Bells, Libbs, Maddie and Neeve.  
 It was chilly in the morning, but the sun was out!  The animals were all out and about!  The tiger is first up!
 Best thing about going with a girl group - pictures at every photo op!

 We got a kick out of this orangutan climbing on the door!

 The new lions are getting used to their new home!  Hopefully next time we go, we will see them!

The field trip is always a fun one!  It was super busy!  I ran into Michelle - a BYU roomie - at the Zoo!  Such a fun surprise!