Friday, April 25, 2008

3 months old!

Here's my sweet Bella! You can see her little right eye is goopy, but she is still adorable!

Tulips on Temple Square

We had a little family night with Coxes the other night. We had dinner and walked to Temple Square to see the grounds. It was beautiful there! Spring really is a gorgeous time of year! I love to see all the flowers and colors! It was marvelous!

I hope we survive.....

So Josh is driving across the country with his brother Tanner this weekend. They are driving out to Palmyra, NY. I am a little nervous to be a single mom til Tuesday! Josh and I did get a lovely date before he left. We went out to Red Lobster and to see Leatherheads. It was an enjoyable time! Josh's parents and sister watched all three kids so we could really have a date! Thank you! Today, we went to Park City with my mom and sisters, and had a little retail therapy. We also attempted pictures with the kids at Target. It was quite a task! Bella was an angel; Thomas was a wild man; Kaley was grumpy. That about sums it up! We were able to a cute one of Bella and one of Thomas. Kaley was not cooperative in the least! I want to continue getting pictures done with the kids, but I don't know how people do it! Our weekend is hopefully filled up enough that I won't have time to miss Josh. Danielle and Clarissa are coming down to help me Saturday and Sunday. I was just called to the R.S. presidency, and Thomas doesn't stay in nursery so I need the extra arms! I hope the next 4 days fly by!

Bella Update

We went to an eye doctor yesterday. He says that her eye infection is cleared up, but her ducts are still clogged. Usually this corrects itself by age 6-8 months. If it does not, then we will look into having a mini surgery. They just go in and probe the tear duct so that it opens. I have heard that it is quick and the baby is out for it. Hopefully, we will not have to figure that out first hand! The Dr. checked Bella's sight and retinas as well. She is developing completely normal there, so we are good. We are glad that her clogged tear ducts are nothing serious! Thanks for the prayers!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I am officially married to a BYU graduate! Josh is done with school (for now)! He is excited to work on his yard, golf and spend more time with the kids, (and his wife)!

Bella's Eyes

Bella has had a clogged tear duct since she was born. A couple weeks ago, both eyes were leaking. A few days after that, they became goopy and a little pink. I took her in and they gave us drops for an eye infection. We have now been using the drops for a week, and neither eyes have improved. Our Dr. referred us to a specialist, and we go in tomorrow. I am hoping that it is just something small, and all will be fine. It just makes me nervous when it comes to eyes. Hopefully we will have an update soon!

Bella and Dallin

Here is Bella with her cousin Dallin. They are just a couple weeks apart in age. Bella is wearing an adorable dress that Aunt Tricia brought to her from Palmyra. Thanks Aunt Trish!

Thomas Tiger Woods

Thomas loves to play golf outside! Note his form! :) He gets the biggest kick out of it when he actually hits the ball! So cute!

Spring has sprung!

In my first gardening attempt ever, I planted daffodils and tulips last October in the hopes that they would blossom in the Spring! Look at my "green thumb skills!" They are absolutely beautiful! I am looking forward to planting more flowers and bushes in my empty yard!

Daddy's little helper!

Thomas loved helping Josh mow our lawn for the first time. He loves working outside with Dad!

Flip-flop weather!

We celebrated the sunny weather last week by buying flip flops for the kids! Hooray!

My little Bella

Bella's smiles

This girl is all smiles! She has such a pretty smile!

What's been keeping me....

So I decided to be brave and paint a couple of places in our house! I started small with 2 of the bathrooms. The purple one is my downstairs bathroom. The blue and yellow is the kids bathroom. After that turned out pretty good, I moved on to the kitchen! I am quite pleased with how they all look! So now I am browsing colors again for the play room and Kaley and Thomas' room. More to come!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Park weather

We have had a couple of days of nice weather and have been able to go to our park! The kids just love it when we have nice days on Saturdays and Daddy can come with us! Bella just sits with me and lets me take pictures of her! She is so smiley!