Saturday, October 06, 2007

September Excitement

Our September was so busy! I don't even know where to start! I had a wonderful birthday! We have been working on putting in a yard in between snow/rain storms. We are hoping at this point that the grass will even come up! Josh finished the sprinkler system and planted grass just in time for the weather to get cold and wet! We may end up patching a few spots in the spring!
We found out that we are having a girl!!! Yea! Kaley is excited for a baby sister, although we aren't quite sure she knows what that means! Kaley and Thomas are doing well! They are making friends here and love to play outside! All the little boys here ride scooters, and Kaley got a scooter of her own to keep up with them! Thomas just likes to dig in the dirt! He loves to go on walks, so that is a part of our daily routine!
I went to the Dr this week, and found out that I have shingles. Yeah, shingles! Apparently I am stressed out about something because the virus that causes shingles can be released if you are under a considerable amount of stress. So we are home by our selves this Conference weekend, because I can't be around my mom, or my pregnant sisters-in-law or friends. I am pretty much quarantined here! Josh gave me a blessing, and I will be fine. It seems that I have a mild case - I have seen worse in my studying of shingles! So I am blessed! Hopefully I will heal quickly, and can go back to normal life!
I think that covers all the craziness here! We did get to go up the canyon to see the leaves, and enjoy the beauty of the mountains around us. We are loving this fall season! I love fall decorations! I love to bake in the fall too! My kids are loving mom's seasonal cookies and fun fall treats! Happy Fall everyone!

September pics