Monday, April 30, 2012

Field Trips

On the 19th, I went on a walking field trip with Thomas' Kindergarten class to the Police Station.  I just LOVE going on field trips with the kids.  

 I'm not sure what this new obsession with his hands in the air and a crazy face is.  Not sure I'm a fan.  
 Checking out the evidence room.
 And the holding cells.
 In the "jail" - again with the arms and the face.  
 The cool cop car.  We had the sweetest officer give us a tour.  He was great with the kids.  He's actually the brother of a family in our ward.  It was such a fun field trip!  

Kaley had a field trip to the Utah Museum of Natural History on Friday last week.  She is the BEST field trip buddy!  She knows how to make a Mom feels special.  :)  We had never been to this museum since they have moved to a new fancy building.  It was super cool!
 I was in charge of these 7 crazies!  Max, Kimball, Konner, Kaley, Kolton, Tori and Emma.  
 Silly face!
 Ew - tarantula.  
 I think this was our favorite station.  The kids could build a "building" and then choose (on a touch screen) what kind of earthquake was going to hit their building.  Of course we chose the biggest earthquake!  We couldn't get our building to stay up!  Let's just hope that our city builders have a better design team than we did - or else we're in trouble!  ;)

 Digging for dinosaur bones.  
 All the kids fit in one dino foot fossil!  

 They got a kick out of this dinosaur that would talk when you put your hand down it's throat.  You're really supposed to put donations down his throat and he says thank you.  Then we all tried to stick our head in his mouth.  We all had too big of heads.  

 Then FINALLY it was lunch time!  Here was our crew!  We were starved!  

Not much else went on last week.  Josh was out of town Monday - Thursday.  I really just tried to survive.  I helped out in Thomas' class on Thursday for Teacher Appreciation day.  It was a long week!  We are excited for more field trips this week!  Thomas goes to the Zoo tomorrow and Bella has her field trip on Wednesday!  Fun fun!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Flowers and Forever Families

I have loved having my camera to capture my favorite flowers of the season.  I think tulips are like Heavenly Father's little paint brush drips of color.  Poetic, I know.  If I were a painter, I would paint tulips all day long!  These flowers in my yard brighten my day!  Enjoy!

 And from Momma Cox's yard:

Monday night for Family Night, we went to the Provo temple and talked about how important temples are.  The kids loved the beautiful fountains and flowers.  It was a lovely time.

My favorite quote of the night was when we were talking about how one of the best things about the temple is that Mom and Dad are sealed there, so we can be together as a family forever.  And then one of them said, "Yeah, except for when Dad's at work."  :)  At least they were listening.  

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Spring Break - Spring Fling - Part 4

Saturday morning (after the kids had stayed up super late milking every last ounce of attention from Grandma and Grandpa), we had our Spring Fling with the Cox Cousins!  I had to snap a few pictures before the fun started.  Mom's flowers look so beautiful!


 The kids enjoyed many trailer rides.
 Even Grandpa hopped on for a ride.  
 We had a camp fire to roast our hot dogs and hamburgers for lunch.
 Jace found a tiny centipede bug.  
 Bells and Kenz

 Grandma had a fishing pond for the kids.

 We did sidewalk chalk.
 Bella and Kenzie played jump rope with their new ropes.  Can you see Bella's hair flyin'?

 Peek a Boo!

 We had lunch.

 Grandma had an Easter Egg Hunt for the kids.

 We brought sugar cookies to decorate for a treat.
 Instead of a saw dust rummage, they threw those chocolate gold coins in the long grass for the kids to find.  Still a hit!  

Thanks so much for the fun tradition!!!  :)