Tuesday, October 30, 2012

What's Up?

Just a few things of what we've been up to!  These are some phone pics/mixed with others.  

The kids had Red Ribbon Week last week.  One of the days was to dress up like a superhero or a real life hero.  Kaley chose to dress like Grammie.  So she wore a matching sweatsuit/jacket and I let her borrow my trendy "fake" glasses.  (Triangle girls, do you remember when we went through "that" phase?)  
 Bella is trying my patience like crazy these days.  Last weekend, she took scissors to her hair AND to her little sister's hair.  The chunk on the left is what we could find of the evidence that she cut her own hair, aside from the extra layers that now exist.  Soph now has a lovely chunk of hair that is clipped right to her scalp.  

 In addition to her little hair dresser escapades...Bella has decided since she knows how to write letters, she writes them where ever she wants. ie: In the paint of the car, on the inside windows of the car, and pretty much anywhere that is "off limits."  I'm pretty sure I just could have sold her last week!  

The BEST part of my week last week was that COSTCO opened in Spanish Fork!!!  We went on opening day, and stuffed ourselves with all the tasters they had to offer.  Then we went back for more that afternoon with the big kids.  I am thrilled to have Costco so close now!!!

 Friday afternoon, we went to Trafalga for some mini golf.  The kids always love anything outdoors.  This was no exception!  

After golf, we stopped for Cafe Rio, and headed to the BYU basketball game.  Papa and Grandma were not in town, so they had 8 tickets to give away.  We took the whole clan!  It was so much fun!!!  Kaley and Thomas really enjoyed watching and pretty much "get" most of the rules.  It was really fun to see them loving it!  

Thanks so much to Papa and Grandma for generously letting our whole family go!  We just loved the fun family time together!  

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Red Barn - Field Trip with Bella

 Last week, I also went on a field trip with Bella's preschool class to the Red Barn.  We had lots of fun! It is fun to see her interact with her friends and her teacher.  She loves Miss Lacie, and loves her class!  

I'm just so glad to be a stay-at-home Mom so I can go on these fun field trips with the kids.  I also couldn't do it without awesome friends to watch the ones left at home while I am on the field trip!  Thanks to Janessa and Kristin for watching my kids!  

Red Barn - Field Trip with the Twins

Last week, I went on a field trip with Jace and Sophie's 3 year old preschool class.  They went to the Red Barn in Santaquin.  We had lots of fun!  We went on a wagon ride to the pumpkin patch.  The kids each picked out a pumpkin.  They played on the big slides, went through the maze, played in the sand and ran around.  

 At the end, they got a yummy donut treat!  

We had a fun first field trip!