Monday, December 31, 2012

December Leftovers

Here are the rest of the pictures from our phones for December.  There are quite a few!  

Bella and Sophie had a near death experience when they decided to paint nail polish in their room.  They were covered, and I mean covered, in nail polish.  Then I went upstairs to find more mess!  

 It was all over the closet carpet and they decided to apply some "make up" to this already-scary-looking baby doll.  I really almost lost it.  The carpet in that room will never be the same.  Oh well.  At least it's in the closet.  

 I made this darling camera strap cover for Em for her birthday.  Then I decided to make a couple more for me and Mom.  It was really quite easy, and I just used scraps from past projects.  

 Grandma got a new iPad for her birthday, so we did Face Time with her the Sunday after her birthday.  

 Here is Kaley's letter to Santa.  I absolutely love this age!  She never ceases to amaze us with her thoughts!
 We bought a pack of Christmas puzzles, and the kids have loved doing them.  Here are a few.

 Movie time with Mom.  They are sitting on the kitchen mats, so I must have been mopping.  :)
 Do you ever wonder what it looks like at my house when I have the kids help me fold laundry?  Here it is.  The snow clothes are all by the fire, everyone has a basket of their clothes to fold, and clean clothes are strewn everywhere!  :)  (Oh yeah, and a creepy looking movie going on for them - don't worry, I think it was just Prep and Landing.  
 We drove through the Festival of Lights the night that it had snowed all day.  It was beautiful!
 I helped out in Thomas' class for the Christmas party.

 Kaley brought home the picture taken when we went to Mother Daughter night.  
 I went to the 2nd grade Christmas Program again at the school.  I took Bells, Jace and Soph with me.  
 They were thrilled to sit with Mrs. LeMmon's class (Thomas' class).  

 The last song, they had the whole school sing.  Since they do the same songs every year in the 2nd grade, almost everyone 3-6th knows these songs.  Everyone sang along, and those 1st graders were sure taking good notes!  It was darling to see Thomas focus really hard and try to remember the words and actions.  
 What happened next was truly magical.  I will never forget it.  I had heard earlier that they were going to have Santa come and say hi.  His elf called the principle and asked if Santa could make an emergency landing on the roof!  We heard him "land" on the roof!!!  Meanwhile, inside, the kids are gasping, staring at the roof, talking excitedly, and then chanting for Santa.  Santa appears, and the kids go wild!  I have the whole thing on my phone.  It was so cute!  Santa walked around, ruffled a few teachers and parents' hair, and then talked to the kids.  He talked about how we should give our moms and dad and siblings lots of love this season because there are a lot of kids and families that are hurting right now because of the shooting.  It was really moving.  He told the kids to be good, and treat each other nice.  Bella, Jace and Sophie were as wide-eyed as I've ever seen them!  It was so cute!  Jace was so concerned to see what kind of boots Santa had on.  So when he walked by, you can bet he took a good look!
The other day, the kids were doing chores.  Kaley was being a good helper.  She said, "Mom, I feel like the maid."  I told her, "Kaley we are all maids in this house.  I am just the head maid!"  She rolled her eyes and kept working.  She is a good girl!

This girl has style!  
I helped with the ward choir program for sacrament meeting.  It went really well, and I am really glad it is over!  :)

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Party Day!!!

On the 26th, we went out with my family to see Les Mis and out to eat at Chilis!  It was so much fun!  I am quite sure that I enjoyed the movie the most, but that was to be expected.  Almost everyone else just tolerated it.  :)  Dad's only comment was, "If it took place in France, why did everyone have cockney accents?"  The man had a point!  Dave's comment that had me rolling was, "Yeah, you know when it said 8 years later... I thought that was pretty accurate!"  That boy always has us laughing!  I, on the other hand, was mesmerized the whole time.  It was lovely!  We had left our kids in Kaysville to play with Jar, Trish and Grandma and Grandpa.  We got back late, and stayed the night there.  
 The next day was a party day!  We hung out and played around until 10:30 ish, when we headed over to Cam and Rach's house to sled on their super awesome hill behind their house, and then over to their rec center to swim!  BEST DAY EVER!  Our kids were so wiped out by the end of the day, they were asleep by 6:20!  

 Don't get me wrong, there were our fair share of grumpies.  Jace didn't love the snow on his fingers.  Or face.  Or coat.  Or hat....  I could go on!

 That's Rach's front door!  This hill is literally their yard!  It was perfect!

 More grumpies.  Cold fingers are never fun.  
 These few of the kids sledding together are hilarious!  They have so much fun together!

 Cute baby Lexi, who we thought looked like the little girl dressed as a purple monster from Monsters Inc.  
 This was right before they about plowed me over, and landed in a snow pile.
 Jar Bear came and got in on the fun too!  It's been so fun to have her home!

 Proof that I was there.  :)  

 I love this one!  So fun!
 These three have gotten to be such good friends.  It is fun to see them playing together and enjoying it!
 We ordered pizza and had hot chocolate for lunch.  
 Here's a few from us swimming!

 What an awesome fun day!  Thanks to Rach for hosting our crazy party!!!