Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Robison Reunion

On Saturday, we went to a family reunion for my Grandma Del's Dad's side. Grandpa Robison died when my Mom was 5, so she barely knew him, and I never met him. We have been to many reunions for this side though, and it is fun to see all these distant cousins grow up! My Grandma Del was in charge of this reunion, so she had her friend who is a clown come and entertain the kids with games and face painting. Of course, my kids would have NOTHING to do with the clown! They just stood there and watched as all the other kids played games with the clown! My Mom was in charge of the food, so of course, that was yummy! There was a little park, and lots of grass for the kids to run! They came home exhausted, and so did I!

This is my Papa Arlen and Grandma's Del's family (minus the Cleggs in Redfish). L to R: Lani, Katie and Ben; Danielle, Clarissa, Mom and Dad; Papa and Grandma; Blair, Anneli, Adam, Kelly, Andrew and Torrey; then our family!

Swimming at Grandma's

Beware! I took alot of pictures of my little fishies! On Friday, we went up to Kaysville to swim and have a BBQ. The kids loved swimming! I think Kaley should have been a mermaid! She looks absolutely adorable in the water! Thomas was cracking us up with his goggles and tight floaty! Bella is content as can be just to float around and splash!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Redfish Lake

This past weekend, we went up to Idaho to visit my grandparents and family up there. We have family that is in Redfish as well, so we went up on Saturday to visit them. McCall is Kaley's age, and they become inseparable when we visit! They are both a little bit sneaky, and just so full of energy! We were glad it stopped raining for the few hours we were there. Papa and Grandma also took us to eat at the Lodge there. YUM! Their french fries just keep getting better! I couldn't believe how grown up my cousins are getting! It is fun to get to see them as teenagers!
A puppy!
Throwing rocks, sticks and sand into the Lake.
The water was up so high!

Thanks to Papa and Grandma for letting us come stay with them! We had such a fun time! We love you!

Seven Peaks fun!

This year we bought Seven Peaks season passes. We went once last year, and the kids loved it! I have taken the kids twice by myself, so far. They do really good! I rent life jackets for all of them, which is really nice! Bella's jacket has a little handle that I can just hang on to her and follow her around. She loves it! Kaley and Thomas are both pretty good about staying around where I am. They both like to show me what they can do! I feel a little bit better about them just being on their own with their jackets on. We try to float the lazy river too. I put Bella in her floaty thing, and Kaley and Thomas just hold on. Kaley is getting braver and will let go and just float along, but Thomas is still pretty clingy. I don't mind though! I am glad he is cautious! We have gone right when they open at 11, and stay for a couple hours. I put a lunch in the car, and they eat on the way home to stay awake! Bella has barely made it home both times! She gets so tired! It makes me laugh when she is trying to eat her graham crackers and fall asleep at the same time! It is the perfect activity to wear them out! Too bad it usually knocks me out for the rest of the day! :)

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Once again, Josh is out of town, so we headed up to Sandy to make the time pass faster! We went up to Park City and shopped the outlets with Mom and Dani. We had a picnic lunch in the car, then went back to Grandma's for naps. After naps, we went to the Aquarium! The kids LOVED it! Bella cracked us up with her pointing and shock at all the fish! She would scream, "A-nuh, a-nuh!!!" This is how she says "another." It was so cute! Thomas and Kaley petted the sting ray's tail with Aunt Clarissa's help. They thought it was the greatest thing! Thanks for the good time, Grandma!