Friday, May 31, 2013

Saturday Water Fun!

Saturday, we went shopping to buy the kids new swimsuits.  It was warm enough that we had to try them out when we got home!  

 Yes, I even got in on the fun!  Can't waste an opportunity to get a tan!  :)  Josh took a few pics of me jumping on the tramp with the kids, but none that I will be posting.  ;)

 OK, just one.  (I like that I'm mostly covered.)  The kids are big enough to really bounce them high on the tramp now.  We sure had a lot of fun that day!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Campfire Celebration!

For the last day of school, Josh took the day off!  I had wanted to go have a campfire, so we headed up the mountains to find a spot!  It was pretty busy for Memorial Day weekend, but we found a site.  The kids always love playing in the mountains and having a campfire!  Someday, we will get brave enough to camp and stay the night.  :)

 I just love how dirty they get after playing and eating outside.  

 Wahoo!!! School's out!  We tried some jumping pictures and they are silly!

 This little man cracks me up!  He wanted me to take his picture while he "jumped" down the trail.  

Pouring water on the fire.  

Let Summer 2013 BEGIN!!!