Monday, July 25, 2016


The week after school got out, we went to the Zoo!  It is SO fun to take all these cute cousins together!  

Memorial Day Weekend Fun!

We went with Dave and Danielle to Jerome for a quick Memorial Weekend trip.  We visited the Ice Caves in Shoshone.  We drive by it every time on the way to Redfish, but have never stopped!  It was a super windy day, and we didn't really think that going to an ice cave would require coats or anything, so we borrowed Grandma's and were glad she had so many to choose from!
We walked on a trail to a divide in the earth.  It led down some stairs and into the cave entrance.

A 9 year old discovered this cave while out with the cattle one day!  It's crazy!

Above the ground, it looks like this - and then there are "pockets" from the lava that had air in them and that's how the ice caves were created.  Some of the caves have since fallen in, and left cave - holes.
That bump in the land is the volcano that created these caves a LONG time ago!

Later that day, we went to Branbury Hot Springs.  It was SOOO nice!  

T even got a little too warm, and sat under the cold water pipe for a bit!

Fearless Sawyer loved going off the diving board!

Sunday was a nice trip to Shoshone Falls.  Which was lovely until Thomas got into some sort of poisonous plant and broke out in hives.

We love that Dani and Dave are always up for an adventure!  It makes our family trips so much fun!