Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Ethan's Birthday Party

We went swimming with cousins for Ethan's birthday party on Friday.  Our kids love swimming with cousins!  The winter is too long to go without swimming, so we have been a few times to indoor pools around the valleys this year.  :)

 Rach brought an awesome spread for dinner and made a cool Skylanders cake!  It really was quite the party!

Happy Birthday E!  We're so glad you're our cousin!  

Happy Birthday Dad!

Josh's birthday was on the 5th.  I am just getting around to blogging about it.  The kids always get pretty excited about our birthdays.  Kaley helped make Josh's treat - yogurt pie.  She is becoming quite the chef.  I was able to surprise Josh with a tool holder for his birthday.  He didn't know!  That is pretty rare for me to be able to surprise him.  He was pretty excited.  He got it, along with the tool bench he bought with a gift card from his parents.  They are all assembled, and nicely organized in the garage.  :)

Happy Birthday Babe!  :)  Love you lots!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Island Park - Part 3

The second time we went sledding, I brought my big camera.  :)  Such a fun hill!

 There was this old sled there that we hooked up to the snowmobile and sled around the island.  It was super fun!

 The kids thought it was pretty fun to shake down the snow from the trees.

 Sledding fun - I love these pics of them being pulled by the snowmobile.

 We broke lots of icicles off the cabin.

 They made a sweet snow slide.
 Gloves on her feet!

 The new addition to the cabin is AWESOME!

Such a fun family trip!  We let the kids skip Jan 2 and 3 of school, and just enjoyed staying at the cabin.  Such a fun family time!