Friday, March 31, 2017

March Adventures!

March started with a snow storm.  It felt like Winter would never end!  We made the best out of another storm by having cousins come play in the snow!  I love these pictures of a fun afternoon! 

Josh and I went out for our anniversary.  We went to TopGolf in SLC.  It was super fun!  We had never been before!

Kaley and I tried a charcoal mask.  I don't know if I would recommend it.  It actually really hurt!  I read an article later that said it's probably bad for your skin because it takes off layers of your skin.  It was a silly bonding moment for me and Lu.  

Thomas had Pinewood Derby!  He made a super car!  He did pretty good - it's his last one!

I sat and held my friend Monica's toddler the whole night and he fell asleep in my lap.  I was in heaven!  

We had Paint Night for YW one night. 

Here is the picture we were painting. 
Here's how mine turned out!  
I decorated my laundry room and made a cornice for my window.  I LOVE how it turned out!  It was pretty easy too!  It's so hard to take a good picture with a window right there!

My little snapchat buddy. ;)

Jace built himself a nightstand table.  He was so cute designing it and putting it together and then painting it!  

The Activity Days crew!  They meet in our circle and then walk up our hill to the church.  

General Women's Conference picture!
I learned about a new app within Google Chrome called Hope Chest.  I taught mom how to use it, and we got really far!  
Camp Certification night for YW!  I love that Kaley is doing these things with me!

 The kids love to play on the trampoline!  Especially when it's wet.  They call it "trampolony" - I get a little crazy when I think about the laundry this game of their produces!  Oh well!  I love hearing their giggles through the windows!  
 FHE tickles!  

 Thomas' troop went on a "hike" (walk on the trail) for their activity.  I'm so grateful for these awesome leaders of his!  I love that it is March and he is DONE with this Weblos!  
 Every morning the kids turn on music while they eat breakfast, do their morning chores, and get ready for school.  Soph has the phone in the drawer as she unloads the dishwasher.  Music of choice is: Beauty and the Beast, Moana, Sweet Caroline, and then a few of our radio favorites.  They definitely have their Momma in them!
 After all my ancestor finding, I took my printed cards to the temple on Thursday!  I dropped the kids off to school and headed to the temple.  I did 5 initiatories. I still had 3 more to do, but the line was too long.  So I took one of my cards to do an endowment session!  When that ended, the line for initiatories was non-existent!  I got right in and finished those!  I was SO pleased with my progress this week!  We had printed cards for sealings for mom and dad to do on Wednesday.  Josh had taken Kaley to do baptisms on Tuesday.  With all that temple work, we had 27 "red check marks" on those temple name cards this week!  Woot!