Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Cox Fall Fest 2015

Saturday, we had our annual Fall Fest in Kaysville with cousins!  This year there were more cousins than we've had in the past!  It makes for a super fun party!  Most of the kids dressed up in a costume. We hang out and play, eat, do a cupcake walk, pick pumpkins from the field and go for a ride!  It is always fun!

 Soph and Myrs were the winners!

 Our little cousin - baby Nate.  We always miss Staci and crew - her baby is the youngest - but maybe not necessarily the littlest!  ;)  

 Crafts with Aunt Rach. :)

Monday, October 12, 2015

Jace and Sophie 6 year Pictures

I realize I took these pictures over Conference weekend, but at least they are done!!!  ;)  These 2 crazies turned 6 in August, but life was a little wild then, and I never got around to it.  They both wanted Cowboy/Cowgirl pictures, so here they are!  I love my twins!  

 This cracks me up!  I think I have one of these from every year!  Jace does NOT like it when Soph's hair tickles his face!  Ha!  

 Oh these two!  They don't usually hold hands, but I love it when they do.  (When I ask them to, and they do it.)

 That Jace-Face and his personality!  He didn't want to put his arm around Soph.  

 This is the only "arm around Soph" he wants to have!

 Favorite.  Ever. 

I really can't believe these two littles are so big!  They are the funniest pair!