Monday, August 29, 2011

Thomas the Kindergartener!

 Today was Thomas' first day of Kindergarten!  I can't believe he is old enough to be going to school!  He was so excited!  He sat on the couch with Kaley yesterday and asked her all the questions he had about what Kindergarten was like.  She patiently answered all of them, and by the end, he was READY!  
 Here is the crew that sent him off today!  Jace really missed his "Thom-O."  When we went to pick him up from school, Jace was thrilled!  He was yelling, "Thom-O!  Home!  Thom-O!  Home!"  It was too cute!  Thomas really is Jace's hero!

Such a big kid, sitting at his table!  

He came home, and gave me EVERY detail from the time I left him, til when I was there to pick him up!  He was SO thorough!  :)  His favorite thing to tell me about was the bathroom!  It is magic!  (It has an automatic light and the toilet flushes by itself.)  He said sometimes the light will turn off while you are still in there, but you just have to say the magic word.  What's that? you might ask?  Abracadabra, of course!  I love Kindergarteners!!!  

More Birthday and Water Fun

 Saturday afternoon, Grandma and Grandpa came down to visit for the twins' birthday.  The kids loved having them all to themselves!  

 The girls start dance this week, so Grandma gave them new tutus!  They are so cute!

 Jace's favorite spot is right next to Pop Pop.  :)
 Oh my word.  Isn't this little boy the cutest?  He melts my heart!  (This is our usual position.  He likes to be on the floor doing anything next to Mom.)
 Kaley put all of Sophie's new bows in her hair.  Cute!
 Thanks for coming to visit Grandma and Pop Pop!

Then, we headed to the Splash Pad to cool off!

 Jace and Sophie were having fun playing peek a boo around this pole.  

 I love this picture!  Kaley ran into a friend at the splash pad.  This is Whitney, a girl from Kaley's class this year.  She met her last year in soccer, and they just "clicked."  This is a classic "1st grader" picture.  Missing teeth, some big teeth coming in, and darling as can be!  What beautiful girls!  
 Once again, melting my heart.  Love this boy!
 Drying off, and warming up!  The water is always a little cold, but feels good in the heat!
 I love these of Soph and Daddy.  So cute!


 I had to laugh at this picture! With all the places to be in this house, they choose to all sit on ONE stair!  They are putting stickers on each other.  Nice.  
 Last week, we went over to Hannah's house for some swimming!  It was her birthday, and she wanted to swim with friends.  The kids had so much fun!  

 Thomas loved playing with the big boys, jumping in and out of the pool.  
 Soph and Ava playing so nicely!
Bells and Libbs playing in the little pool!  

We sure are lucky to have such great friends!


 These are a few phone pics from last week.  Jace and Sophie had their 2 year check up.  Aside from the fact that I was sick with strep, and EVERYONE ended up getting the strep antibiotic shot, it went well.  :)  These two just crack me up!  Their pictures are fuzzy because they are reminding me daily that 2 year olds cannot be stopped for pictures!  I don't have their stats right in front of me, but let's just say they are growing!  Sophie is still about 3 inches taller and 3 lbs heavier than Jace Face.  They are both super healthy and growing just the way they should!  I still can't believe they are 2!

 I've told you Sophie has a favorite song - Rumor Has It by Adele.  Well, when she "reads" books, the lyrics to that song are the words that she "reads."  It is hilarious!  I don't know if you can tell from the picture, but she is kicked back with her legs crossed!  Adorable!
 Jace loves this "shooter" of Thomas'.  I love his stance while he shoots.  It is so cute!  The little gun vibrates while he shoots, and he just loves it!  

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Kaley First Day of School

 Yep, it's official!  Kaley is in First Grade!!!  She started on Monday!  She was SO excited - you really can see it in her face!  She brought her lunch from home, with a quarter to buy chocolate milk, and loved it!  
 Here's the rest of the crew she left behind.  I have to laugh at Jace's face in this one!  He sure looks excited!  It was really only 8:15 in the morning!  :)
 Me and my First Grader!  I'll admit, this week has been rough on me.  Kaley starting first grade, Thomas getting ready for kindergarten and starting soccer, Bella getting ready for preschool, and my BABIES turning 2....let's just say I have shed MANY tears!  I am so proud of Kaley, and she will do great in first grade.  Her mother on the other hand....sits around all day waiting for 3 o'clock!  :)  I sure do miss her all day!

 We walked her to her class on the first day, and she showed Dad her desk and classroom.  She couldn't wait for us to leave, so she could get working on her play dough project!  :)  The only tears shed that day were from Mom, not Kaley!  :)

More Birthday Fun!

Sunday morning, Grandma and Grandpa Cox came down and brought us breakfast to celebrate the twins' birthday!  The kids sure felt special!  Grandma brought cinnamon rolls and chocolate milk!!!
 Needless to say, when it was time for them to go, the kids didn't want them to leave!  They all climbed in the car and were ready to go!  

 Birthday kids with Grandma and Grandpa
 After such a busy weekend, we opted to let the twins get a good nap and skip church.  (It worked out for the better because come to find out we all have strep.)  Josh snapped these while he was at home with them.  They love their new colors and coloring books.  

 Later that evening, we got on Skype with Jar-Bear.  The kids miss Aunt Jar Bear, and were happy to get to visit with her for a bit!