Monday, January 31, 2011

The Train Show

 Saturday, we went to the Thanksgiving Point Train show.  It was so much fun!  The kids were all free, and it was only $5 each for Josh and I.  It was worth it for the entertainment value from the kids! I haven't seen Jace so into anything in his life!  I had no clue he loved trains as much as he does!  He squealed with delight the entire time!  
 I am amazed at the things people can build with Legos!  The kids loved looking at all the train sets, but the Lego ones were the favorite!

 I was impressed with this Hogwarts Castle.  It was complete with a Quidditch arena and the Shrieking Shack.  

 The kids loved it when the train went over this cool bridge.  

 The babies took turns sitting in the stroller.  Our big double stroller didn't fit through the door, so we took turns holding a baby.  Jace loved pointing at all the trains he saw and just squealing!  
 Sophie saying Choo Choo.

 Thomas loves little Lego people.  He thinks they are the coolest!  Especially these ones that had Toy Story people in it MIXED with Star Wars!  Can you say "heaven?"  :)

The kids just loved this fun family activity.  While we were up there, we hit the Dino Museum as well.  It never disappoints!  

Friday, January 28, 2011

All kinds of Fun!!!

Kristin and Lacie
 This week has had many good times!  We started the week off right with a Girls Night Out!  We went to eat out at Zupas - I may or may not be now addicted to that place!  We stayed and just laughed and visited - these girls are a riot!  Then we picked up a Redbox and headed to Kristin's house.  We proceeded to try pre-buttered toasted bread :), and churros.  It was so much fun, and I am one lucky girl to have such awesome BFFs!  :)
 Janessa and Me
 Can Sophie be this big already?  She wears my shoes around all day long!  I love how one of them is backwards.  That's not stopping this girl!  
 This is the "official" documentation of Bella's birthday DAY!  :)
 Here's Bells waiting patiently to open her presents.  She waited all day til Dad came home from work to open them!  The majority of the day was just spent hanging around making Bella feel like a Princess.  We painted toes and fingers, read stories, played with friends, and had a yummy dinner!
 I love Bella's face in this one.  She is reading Thomas' card to her, and is clearly impressed....or not impressed...  :)  What a sassy face!
 Reading all her cards from Kaley and Thomas.  

While B was opening presents, Jace was pouncing on Josh's chest like a polar bear trying to break through the ice! 
 More dollies - oh how we love these dolls!

 New shoes!!!!  She was so excited!
 Opening her very own big kid scooter.  

 Trying it out....
 Bella's birthday cake - This year she told me she wanted "baby Jesus" on her cake.  I didn't know what to do with that kind of request, so I went with her next best request - purple cake.  Since I didn't trust my ability to make purple frosting, I just bought a purple feather boa and a dollar store crown and WAHLAH!  :)  She loved it!  Oh if my audience could always be this easy to please!  

 I don't think Josh could have snapped this one at a better time!  I just always love the "blowing out the candles" face!

 Happy Happy Birthday to Bella Rose!  We sure love you!

Wednesday night, Uncle Robert was in town, so we joined a Putnam clan of cousins and Uncles at the Brick Oven.  We don't usually take our kids out to eat for obvious reasons, but this was a fun occasion!  It's always fun to see the Putnam side, and this time was no exception!  

 Thursday was a "friends over" play day.  Kaley had Anna and Kate over, Thomas had Liam over, and Bella had Libby over.  It was quite the play date.  Anna's mom sent cookies for a snack, so I decided to make a tea party out of it for the kids.  The boys, of course, were just having a snack though.  No tea party for boys.  :)  All in all, they were pleased with their crackers, cookie, and raisins with milk!  
 Then, we needed something else to do, so we pulled out the paper and washable paint, and let them go to town!  

 Yeah, that was 9 kids at my house for 2 hours.  We survived, and it was TONS of fun!  :)  
 Last night, while we were doing the kids reading with them, Bella was accessorizing Sophie and Jace.  Jace would just giggle when B put the rings on his fingers.  I think it must have tickled him.  These kids just keep me laughing!  

Also, just as a side note, Bella had her 3 year check up yesterday.  She is doing well, and growing fast!  Dr. Berry told us that she is in the 99th percentile for height and 90th for weight.  It just amazes me how tall this girl is!  He said, "Um, she is going to be tall!  Like, WAY taller than you!"  I had to laugh and shake my head!  That's fine with me!  We just need to work on her coordination and put that height to good use!  :)