Monday, June 30, 2008

Mom's Team

This is what tummy time turns into.  I was taking a picture of Bella's cute shirt, and the kids thought they would get into a huddle!  They all get down on their tummies and try to talk to Bella.  It is sweet to watch.  You can tell how much they love their little sister!  Just look at the expression on Thomas' face!
These pictures were hard to get all of them looking!  Thomas is looking in this one.
Bella and Kaley are looking here.  Thomas is sad because I took his drink away for the picture.
I've seen these done, and wanted to try one with my little team.  This one is cute of me, but no one else is looking.  There's just one little Kaley eye!
I think this one is a keeper!  The kids look really cute, but I am just "peeking," as Kaley put it!  

A new outfit for Bella

Aunt Tricia brought Bella a few outfits when she was here to visit a couple months ago.  They are 12 month size, but they fit!  She looked so cute today, I had to do a photo shoot!  Thanks Trish!  

I don't dance....

Dad's fan club!

Hey batter, batter!  Hey batter, batter Swing!
Josh - doin' what he does best!  He was the star pitcher!
Warming up!
We had a ward BBQ and Elders Quorum softball game on Saturday!  It was so much fun!  It was fun to get to see Josh play!  I knew that he played baseball in high school, but this boy's got skills!  It was fun to have a "last hoorah" with our ward before they split us.  The split took away quite a few of families that we really enjoy.  It is a good thing we still live so close, and we will see each other out in the yard!  We are glad to live in such a fun neighborhood with so many friends!

Family Reunion

Saturday was the Robison Family Reunion in Orem.  I finished piano lessons and drove down to stop by on my way home.  It was so fun to hear all about my great-grandpa R.L. Robison.  He dies when my mom was just 5 years old, so my Mom doesn't remember very much about him.  It was neat to get to meet a couple of his 11 brothers and sisters!  I enjoyed hearing the stories about him and his siblings of while they were growing up.  He ran with a crowd in Idaho that they called "the Posse."  If that isn't cool, I don't know what is!  :)  I am glad that I stopped by!  It was fun to get time with my Papa and Grandma all by myself!  

Friday, June 27, 2008

Kaley got a new bike today! She has a big girl bike! She loves it! I can't believe how quickly she picked up the pedal thing! She is so athletic! We took her on a little ride around the block, and she thought that was pretty cool! (She rarely gets to ride a bike around the block - they go too slow for me!) I put a couple of videos of Kaley and Thomas riding their bikes. I can't believe how big the kids are! It goes by too fast sometimes!

Love the drool marks! Cute picture of me and Bella though!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sad Goodbyes

My little fishies!

Chalae and Hayes
Kaley jumping to Grandma! She is fearless!
Rach and Makenzie
Elyzabeth and Kaley
My boy and his food!
Cute Lolee
Tuckered out from swimming!

Big loves!

Cute cousins - Ethan and Kenzie had already gone home.
The day came that we had to say good bye to Chalae, David, Elyzabeth, Lolee and Hayes. They are moving to Michigan for medical school this weekend. We had a little get together to wish them well! David is already back there, and Chalae and kids will drive out with Grandma and Grandpa this weekend. They will have quite the drive! We will miss our friends and cousins! It has been a blessing to live close enough to them that we could play! We will always remember our crazy field trips! We will miss you guys! Have a safe drive!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

5 months old!

I can't believe my sweet Bella Rose is 5 months old! It is going too fast! My Bella is such a happy baby! She is really at a fun stage! She smiles all the time! Kaley and Thomas love to try to get her to giggle! Kaley is the best at getting her to laugh - it's pretty sweet. It's like they already have their own "sister language!" Bella is quite the mover! I have to watch where I put her down, because she will inch and scoot her little body anywhere! She rolls from side to side and can wind up in the wierdest places! She always gets her legs stuck under the couch! I love my little chunky monkey! Our life would not be complete without my little girlfriend, Bella Rose! Mommy loves you, Bella!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Sprinklers at Grandma's

For my Dad's birthday on Saturday, we went up and had a BBQ and let the kids run through the sprinklers!  Kaley loved it!  Thomas doesn't like the water splashing up on his face and ears.  He would go thru really fast and then brush at his face. Kaley was the same way at this age, so hopefully it will pass.  Bella took a little nap outside while the kids played.  Good times.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Father's Day at Grandma's

Ah, grass....
My stud muffin.
Even handsome boys can smell flowers!
Yes, these are Kaley and my feet! Don't you love our tan lines?! I was taking a picture of our painted toe nails, but you can also see my lovely tan lines!
I love Kaley's face when she is smelling flowers! So sweet!
My pretty Bella Rose!
Look at Thomas' little scrunched face!
Kaley is holding a little baby doll, taking her on a walk around Grandma's pretty flowers.