Friday, January 29, 2016

Disneyland!!! Part 4

Thursday was another beautiful day in So Cal!  We were at the gates to California Adventure bright and early!  I'm glad that Josh took these pictures!  I knew that we would spend a LOT of time in lines and waiting for rides, so I had looked up a bunch of things to do while we waited that didn't require any equipment.  The kids got sick of I Spy pretty quick, so I was glad I had a few other things up my sleeves!  I learned a bunch of hand clapping games, and silly rhymes that go with them.  They loved Double Double.  It says double double this this, double double that that, double this, double that, double double this that.  So then you fill in words for the "this" and "that."  So they came up with a million things to fill in the blanks - cup-cakes, ice-cream, and ANYTHING Disney that came up!  It was hilarious!  We also played a brutal game of rock paper scissors - with a twist at the end!  "I win, you lose, now you get a big bruise! I don't care, you're not fair, now I get to pull your hair!"  Oh kid games!  

 This one was fun, but hard to play on the ground.  

 Of course, the waiting is not over once we got in the gates!  Lucky for us, train tracks provide LOTS of entertainment!  

 I stood and basked in the sunshine!  
 We met up with some friends from home, the Bigelows, who were in CA the same week!  We hung out with them all morning and LOVED riding rides with friends!  
 Jace and Raleigh are hilarious friends!  These two!
 Thomas and Tyler!  Another perfect pair!  
We rode Cars with them first thing!

Then we got in line for Midtown Mania!  So fun!
Our crew!  Their Lauren is adorable!  Their baby Sadie was with Grandma.  So fun to see friends there!  
 More big swings!

Bella had been wanting to go on California Screaming' since Tuesday, but I was trying to convince T and Kaley to go too.  Thomas would NOT have it!   We tried with Blake and Tyler and Raleigh too, but none of them would be pressured into it!  Kaley ended up coming with me, Bells and Blake.  
I was TERRIFIED!!!!  We were put in the FRONT ROW!!!  I know that is supposed to be the best place for the ride, but I was MORE than a little scared!  PLUS, I knew there was a loop-de-loop coming too!

 Josh stood on the side and took these awesome pictures of us!  I'm glad he did, because it would be the only time I rode it this trip!  It took a good 30 minutes of recovery after the ride!  I was pretty nauseous!  

 It whips you right out of there!  We may as well have been going 100 mph for how fast it felt to my stomach!  :)

 It was hilariously fun and I'm so glad I did it!  It was definitely a once per day thing for me though!
Josh took the kids on Goofy's Sky School while I recuperated!  :)
 They went on a couple more while I watched from the bottom. 

 We did Cars again!

We let the kids go on Jellyfish ride by themselves.  We got to the point where we would just tell the cast members that the twins were 7 so that they didn't have to ride with an adult.  We didn't realize that the age AND height were both required to ride by yourself.  By the last day, we just told the twins that they were 7.  :)

 Lunch time!  :)
 Turtle Talk with Crush!  This was the coolest thing!  I still don't really know how they did it!  The animated Crush actually talks to the people in the crowd!  He points out a kid by saying what he is wearing, and then the kid can talk to crush.  He taught the kids to say "Dude!"  Pretty cool!
 Then we went over to Redwood Creek Challenge Trail.  It was like a little training center for Explorers like Russell from UP.  

 Tired Sophie....
Eventually - when Cam and Rach and crew met up with us, we talked a bunch of the kids into going! INCLUDING Thomas!  My pics aren't as good as Josh's!
 I can tell who is who - can you?  Cam is in blue, Josh is the row in front of him in the hat.  
 And then they rode it about 6 more times in a row!  NOT JOKING!!!  Thomas LOVED it!  He was being such a pill about not going on the ride, and he was SO glad when he did go.  It ended up being his favorite ride!

Cars again!  Such a fun ride!  With the fast passes, it's totally do-able!  

We rode Mater's ride again with cousins!  The pics are always blurry, but I can still hear the kids giggling!

 More Screamin'!

 Perfected timing!

 I loved walking around Radiator Springs at night!  Everything looked so cool lit up!

 I started feeling yucky - gall bladder - so we walked all over trying to find apple juice for me.  While I was waiting outside Flo's for Josh to come back, the twins were being their usually BFF selves and playing some sort of hide and seek around this sign.  They crack me up!

We did eventually find some apple juice, watched a little of the World of Color and then headed for the hotel.  We let the kids stay up later and play in the pool and hot tub that night since we didn't have to get up super early for Park play the next day.  It was a lovely end to the day!  The hot tub soothed our feet and legs!