Saturday, December 31, 2011

Danielle's Bridal Shower

 I took Kaley and Bella with me to Sandy for Danielle's Bridal Shower on Saturday.  It was thrown by Mom's friends from our Home Ward.  We had lots of fun!

 The food was so yummy!  
Here are the lovely ladies that did the shower for Dani.

 Don't I have beautiful sisters?

Friday, December 30, 2011

Playing at the Park

It was warm enough the other day, that we decided to go to the park!  It really hasn't snowed any, and when it is in the 40's we just can't keep the kids inside!  

I'm sure you can see how much fun we had!  We really are enjoying the weather, but the kids are starting to beg for snow!  :)

Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Toys!

 The kids love to play on Josh's iPad just as much as he does!  Josh has found some kid apps, and the kids have loved learning how to play them.  Jace and Sophie are still learning!  I love their focused faces!

 It has been OK weather here - still no snow.  So we have been playing outside when it isn't too cold!  We all had to try out our new scooters!  I absolutely love these pictures!  I think my favorite place to take pictures is outside!  I love them!!!

 I love this picture of all the kids!  It is fun to have some in focus and some not.

Isn't his face the sweetest thing?!

 He is one handsome boy!

 I don't think Thomas has taken his hat off all break!  I love how Jace carries his scooter to put it away.  :)
 I snapped one of Jace, and Sophie says, "How 'bout me?"  Of course I will take a picture of you.  :)